Mini-Session Update

Wanted to gave you all an update on how it is going with this new movement of helping people get messages from their guides through free 15-minute counseling sessions. It is going great! Lots of people have scheduled. Thought you’d be interested to know topics are most discussed.

1. Alerting people to where they have anchored their hearts as a way to explain why their funding is not manifesting. This is most often an issue with starseeds and walk-ins. Wanting to “go home” more than they want to be here, coupled with a negative attitude about Earth, is stopping many from moving forward. You can’t complete a mission without funding. The funding is always set up in advance but to access, we have to have our hearts anchored in this dimension.

2. Making it right with spouses who are not on the Path. Many starseeds are unable to move forward because they have created a block with their respective partners. Being able to recognize that we have not been fair because we believed that our spouses should take this journey with us, is the most common issue. Once this is viewed and understood from the higher perspective, the block is easily cleared.

They guides know how critical this time is. We are at a pivotal point in Earth’s ascension and our new timeline. The Powers That Be (PTB) have stepped us their game. The know their time is short and they are pulling out all the stops in a effort to avoid defeat. Our greatest strength is our ability to work within the Inner Planes, to create the change we want to see. Doing our clearing work these two above-mentioned areas seems to be what is needed to shift and keep the balance in our favor.

When we are stuck in flight or fight, we cannot think logically. This is disempowering and that is just where the “Powers That Be” (PTB) want us to be. It makes us more controllable.

As I explained in this week’s message, “Dreams and Nibiru, now is the time that we need to have all our wits about us. Not only that, in order to make the moves that will keep us on track to a higher timeline, we need to be in close contact with our guides. With their guidance we will avoid pitfalls and be shown the way. Yet, I know that many are not confident in their ability to communicate and need help. That is why I am offering a free 15-minute mini-session.