Mid-2012 Update

Here we are at the first of June. Do you recall your thoughts about this time way back, say ten years ago? Has it turned out the way you anticipated?

Though many thought we’d see more earth changes (California was supposed to have been under water by now), I wasn’t focused there. It was Nibiru and her crossing that I was more focused on. So, now the videos are out clearly showing Nibiru and her orbiting moons and other retinue, but they are being suppressed by the Powers That Be (PTB).

I thought that the PTB would be overruled enough by now to allow more awareness of Nibiru and her mild passing, but that does not seem to be the case. Instead, there appears to be a big scare campaign underway (without referencing Nibiru) about the end of the world and what we need to do to survive it. And, they are using alternative media to promote it. Had the PTB used mainstream media, those who are in the alternative movements would not have listened, but use our news source and many of us will listen! I gotta admit that that was pretty smart on their part.

With that said, I don’t think that the PTB will be successful in the end. June is shaping up astrologically and astronomically to be a game changer. A lunar eclipse and Venus transit combined with a even more powerful period of solar flare activity is going to shake things up in a big way. In fact, everything and everyone is going to be affected to a lesser or greater extent.

Expect to see communication glitches due to the electromagnetic grids being hit by the CMEs (coronal mass ejections). If you don’t already have good battery back-up systems and surge protectors for computers and other valuable electronics, now is the time to do so.

On the personal front, expect to see major but good disruptions in your relationships. Solar flares combined with lunar eclipses tend take emotional clearing to a whole new level, bringing to light the hidden or denied issues in relationships. Moreover, they provide heretofore unavailable levels of support to finally resolve and heal.

Example: My family is going through that very thing on the wake of my younger brother’s death and funeral. The events surrounding Keith’s discovery (he had been missing for 9 months) and subsequent burial brought to the surface an issue with one of my older brothers. That issue has been the main reason that our family was unable to fully bond and remain that way. Though it has been painful, I am grateful that this situation has finally come to light and in way that allows it to finally be dealt with. (I had given up hope years ago of it ever being resolved). Now, my oldest brother, who had been oblivious to the issue, now “sees the light.” As the new head of our family since our father’s passing, he is taking immediate action. Yippee!

On a global front, we are hopefully just a week or so away from seeing that global financial reset I’ve been telling you about. This will bring to an end the decades of economic slavery we have endured. Expect to see a new form of money being used here in the US (US Treasury Notes). And yes, the Federal Reserve will be dissolved as part of the new system.

In closing, though mid-2012 has not turned out exactly as I expected back in 2002, in some ways it far exceeds it and I am thrilled. Yet this year is only half over so keep the faith, continue your emotional clearing, and hang on to your hats cause this ride is about to get even wilder.