Message from Sanat Kumara

The information in this article came to me over a period of several months. I was asked to write it by Sanat Kumara and share it on our website. What I write here is based on the information he gave me along with all that I have learned in my 28 years of research. It appears that he has given me a message to write for “his people” and it includes a few more pieces of what I call the “Universal Picture,” a puzzle of our universal history.

Let it be understood that Sanat Kumara, the Ascended Masters, Sananda and Ashtar have not been people who interest me. In fact, since I began my path I haven’t believed that any of them were real, feeling instead that they were the creation of some crazy New Agers. Were it not for Sanat Kumara (SK) coming to me in my dream, I still wouldn’t believe.

Since this message spans a time of several months, I have decided it would be clearer if written in a journal format. I do not expect you to agree with this message; in fact whether you agree or disagree is not an issue. This is a message that is being written and delivered by request to those for whom it is meant. If the message resonates and helps you in some way then that’s great, if not then let it go.

Tuesday, April 24, 2000

I dream a male voice is calling to me. I turn around and there he is—a man with white hair, piercing blue eyes and bronze colored skin. He is very tall, larger than life…around 12 feet. I think to myself, what a commanding figure he is … what an air of authority and what a stern expression! He sits upon a very large, very tall plain golden throne that is completely devoid of detail. It looks cold and uncomfortable to me but he doesn’t seem to mind it. Back straight, and arms upon the armrests he leans slightly forward and looks straight into my eyes, commanding me to pay attention. Then he says, “I am Sanat Kumara and I have a message to give you.” His voice is deep and melodic with a smoothness that belies an iron will.

So I listen as he speaks for what seems like hours but I can’t really say how long. There is no sense of time. At the end, just before he vanishes, he gives me a symbol. It is a white dove in a blue circle. He says, “This is the symbol by which you will know me and my people. It holds the energy of my office and soul group.” He also gives me a message to deliver to two of his people. They are both women with blonde hair and blue eyes. How interesting, I think to myself. And these women are teachers like myself. As I think about them both, I can feel how there could be a soul group connection between them. There is also a message for me that I choose to keep to myself. Then he disappears and I awake.

When I wake up I have to sit up because the power of that dream and his presence was so intense. I had not experienced anything like that since Devin first contacted me in the dream state back in 1993. I don’t seem to remember much of what he gave me, but I clearly remember the symbol of the dove and his parting words that it was the symbol of his office and his people. It was like he etched it into my third eye.

After a few deep breaths I am able to lie back against my pillows. I stare into the darkness and think about the dream. From time to time over the last two years I had wondered who this Sanat Kumara person was. I had heard his name several times through information sent to me on the web but never felt the impulse to investigate. All I knew up to now was that lots of people in the metaphysical world seemed to know, love and worship him. Now he had contacted me, a being that I had heretofore believed was not real. So who is he I ask myself and who are his people? Even as I ask these questions the answers filter into my consciousness … more pieces of the packet, pieces of the universal puzzle that I, up to that time, had not been able to fit together.

Sanat Kumara is connected to the Orion humans, the portion of the Lyran humans from a planet that orbited Sirius B who chose to remain incarnate instead of ascending to etheric form. They left Sirius B and traveled to a planet in the Orion constellation to make a new home. I think back to the dream and locate a feeling, a strong sensation that these are his people, a feeling of intense fatherly love. I know no other way to describe it. I also get that he is part reptilian. I think back to the scene in the dream where I am standing before him as he delivers his message. He wants me to know and remember this. It was not something that he said it was something that I intuited from his skin. I could sense it in his genes. How I did this I don’t know, it’s just an ability I was given. I can smell genetics…it’s a rather strange ability I think.

So his are the people of Sirius B. I had often wondered what had happened to them In my book, We are the Nibiruans, the only information I received from Devin about them was that they had had a difficult time as colonists with many being enslaved by the reptilians. In time they formed a resistance movement, known as the Black League, to fight their reptilian overlords. Eventually the Black League succeeded to some extent and many of those people found their way to earth. That was pretty much all I knew about them.

I continued mulling over these new pieces as the nighttime hours slowly ticked by. I drifted off to sleep again; puzzle pieces danced around in my head. As I write this, I get the feeling that I should stop for a moment and explain to you how I receive information in order to make this message a little clearer.

When I channel verbally and in the moment information comes to me in a steady stream, but when it is to be written I receive it in packets. These packets are given to me in the dream state and have an embedded activation code that will open them. It takes an event, a person, or a phrase to trigger that code. I never know in advance which it will be. Once the packet is opened, I feel a desire to sit down at the computer and write. I continue to write until there is nothing more to say then I get up and go do something else, all the while pondering what was written.

Sometimes I take the typed pages into the bathtub where the second installment is opened…sometimes it opens as I awake from a nap. A packet can have many installments or smaller packets contained within it. If it is a series of packets that I am receiving, they will download and open over a period of several days to several months. In any case, when it is time to write, if I don’t heed the call, I begin to get very irritable and give everyone around me a hard time including my husband and our feline kids (kitties). So that’s how I receive these messages.

As I awaken from the second dream another errant piece of the universal puzzle falls into place. This time I realize that Sanat Kumara was the leader of the Orion humans. It was he who led them to Orion. Another ah ha! After that piece no more information is available. I fall asleep for the third time.

Morning comes and I wake again. I tell Jonathan about this dream and how it so strongly affected me. I continue to babble on as he listens, still sleepy from his own night of dream work.

Thursday, August 10, 2000

I am in a counseling session having tuned in to converse with the guides of an upbeat and energetic client named Cheryl. She has called me from Hawaii after receiving repeated urges from her guides to contact me for counseling. Another packet opens during our conversation. It’s connected to the packet given to me by SK back in April. As I converse with her guides, in the back of my mind I think, “so she is the one who held the activation code for the April packet … interesting.” I find that Cheryl is one of these former Orion colonists. She is one of Sanat Kumara’s people.

During her current life Cheryl has had dreams and strong intuitions about being from Sirius B and traveling to earth with a group of people as an envoy. She asks about a name that had been given to her some time ago. It was Ananda and she wonders if it is her spirit name. I see that Ananda is a family name. I explain that she is of the House of Ananda. I am told this is not only a family name but an ancient lineage as well. They are healers … medicine people who can trace their history back through the priests of both the reptilians of Orion and the humans of Lyra.

We spend our hour reconnecting her with her cosmic roots and providing the knowledge of her purpose and mission on earth. She is here as a part of Sanat Kumara’s group to help bring about the integration of the humans and reptilians thus healing an ancient wound. As we talk I am keenly aware of Sanat’s presence. He is standing just outside the circle of her guides, back behind them, listening.

After we hang up, I sit on the sofa contemplating the information from her guides still feeling SK’s energy. I close my eyes and I see flashes of pictures about Sanat Kumara as more information downloads from the opened packet. Scenes from his life in the Orion colonies move across the screen of my third eye. I see that he established many of the Orion colonies and strove for peace with the Reptilians, reminding his people that they carried reptilian blood in their veins from their ancient roots on the humans’ original homeworld when the reptilians came and interbred with them. It was as if he had returned during Cheryl’s session to oversee the release of the remainder of the packet, information that contained the real message he wanted delivered.

As more scenes change and flow across my inner screen, I begin to understand his mission too. Being of two races, both human and reptilian, his purpose is to assist his fellow human/reptilian brothers and sisters in integrating their reptilian and human sides. Like half black half white people today, these people belong wholly to neither race, which can create so much pain. They have no solid identity because neither race will embrace them. The prejudice between the humans and the reptilians was and still is very strong. Sanat Kumara wants his people to learn that self-worth is not based on racial identity, but on the soul itself. Only then, when they understand this and live it will racial conflict end.

So it was no accident that the Sirius B humans were of mixed race. It was planned as part of the Divine Universal Plan long before they were born. This group agreed to voluntarily incarnate and carry the genes of two polar opposite races so that they could bring about the end the conflict between the reptilians and the humans. They, as a soul group would in later times become invaluable in the integration of the Light and Dark, male and female polarities, since they represent both polarities with their genetics. How incredible and what a daunting task! And Sanat Kumara was and still is their leader.

As I marveled over this last piece, another piece of the Universal puzzle moved into place. I now understood who the Ascended Masters (AM) are. They are the Orion humans who used the reptilian esoteric knowledge to physically ascend. The reptilians have one way of ascending and the humans have another. The reptilian way is through abstinence and physical isolation. Through long periods of meditation and other forms of esoteric training they are able to shift their molecular structure and thus disappear into another dimension; sort of like tuning in and out of radio stations. Sanat Kumara showed me how, in time, those who escaped from Orion and traveled to earth, brought this knowledge with them through their priests. That knowledge is the same knowledge that Enki, son of the Nibiruan leader Anu, used to begin the Mystery Schools in Egypt. Of course, Enki also had the humans’ esoteric knowledge as well since he was both human and reptilian.

Sanat Kumara showed me how some people, while still in Orion, ascended using the reptilian method of ascension to become Ascended Masters. As such they became the spiritual mentors and heroes of the Orion humans. As I thought back over the many people I have met who talk about the Ascended Masters and thought about their genetic coding, I realized that many of them were from this Orion group. Now I understood why these people were so emotionally connected to the AM.

August 15, 2000

I am nearly a week behind in my agreement to write this article for Sanat Kumara. We dicker over the agreement. I ask to renegotiate because I see no reason to write it. It will only stir up controversy, I think to myself. Yet he is persistent so I sit down at the computer and commence writing. I stop after a few sentences to call Cheryl. In the intervening 5 days I have forgotten the details of our session and need a refresher. During our conversation she tells me that April 23 is a significant date because it is the one day of the year when the connection between us and the ancestors is the strongest for receiving information. Interesting … I think back and wonder if that was the day that Devin first contacted me in 1993. I know that it was in April but I don’t recall the exact day.

We continue to talk and I finally understand why I am writing this article and reason for the sense of urgency that I feel from SK. It seems that we have reached a certain phase or level in the ascension of earth where this soul group, the Etheric Sirians and their Orion brothers and sisters must step into their roles. They must begin to connect with the world around them, become more grounded and real so that those they came to serve will be able to resonate and connect with their teachings.

I understand that the Ascended Masters of which Sanat Kumara is one are concerned that their people are caught in the love and light syndrome and therefore are rendered powerless by their resistance to the Dark side. He feels that this must end for their group mission to be successful and time is of the essence. He is calling his people to action, asking them to remove the veil of illusion that they have placed around him and the other masters. It is time to see the AM for who and what they are. Sanat says that he and the other Ascended Masters are incarnate in other realms. He says they did not remain etheric because doing so would not allow them to accomplish their goal of leading their people through ascension and into inheritance of earth, their birthright. Only by being incarnate, he says, can he and the others affect change in other incarnate realms.

Sanat Kumara tells me that it is a deep-seated pattern which causes his people to become more aesthetic and less a part of the world. They prefer to sit on mountaintops and live their lives in monasteries and ashrams, chanting mantras…learning the reptilian way of ascension. But this time, they must ascend by being a part of the world. They must complete ascension while they carry on a 3D life. In doing so they integrate their human and reptilian sides thus achieving polarity integration. Only then can they inherit the planet earth.

Sanat Kumara also tells me that the Ascended Masters are well known to Sirius B humans. He says his office is located on Venus. It is part of the Christos office. I wonder what part Sananda plays in all this? Is there a connection between him and the House of Ananda? Perhaps, but I receive no information to confirm or negate this idea. I suppose that will come later as part of another article.

So I end this missive knowing that it will find its way into the hands of those who are to receive it. I feel my agreement with Sanat Kumara is complete and now I can go my own way. Sanat Kumara asks me to relay one last message to his people; he says, “Let peace be our rallying call and compassion be our armor.”

In service,

Jelaila Starr, Messenger

Written August 15, 2000

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