Message for Young Starseeds from Mission Control

Going through a spiritual awakening is heady and exhilarating; there’s nothing like discovering that not only do we have more than one life, we live them on multiple timelines and with a multitude of other universal races. But there is also a heartbreaking part of awakening, the pain that stems from being with people who don’t understand us; family and friends who think we are crazy, and in some cases, abandon us.

It is hard enough to awaken as a adult, but when you are young, say in your 20s, the hurdles seem even more difficult. Why? These are the years in which we normally determine the course of our lives; our careers and whether to have a family. To go through awakening, and discovering amazing gifts and talents meant for use in your coming mission, while, as the same time, trying to figure out how to create a life in 3D, well–it can easily feel like too much to bear.

I’ve had a number of young starseeds contact me recently with this very issue and it appears the problem is far reaching due to the large numbers of awakened ones entering their 20s. For a few, it was how to integrate their awakening process in to the life, goals and plans they already had. For example, how to use their emerging psychic abilities in their chosen career.

But for others the issue was more challenging. They were so unseated by the awakening process and their emerging talents that they felt they could not function in 3D. Having to choose a career path, find a job and live on their own was more than they could handle, so they spent their days lost in pursuits that allowed them to escape from 3D. At a time when they would normally be going to college or getting a job, they were still living at home totally dependent on their parents.

What has ensued is an endless cycle of conflict. Many felt misunderstood and depressed; some had even resorted to drugs as a way to escape into other worlds, while the most desperate were now suicidal. And all told me they felt like they had failed because without the financial and emotional support they needed, they would not be able to complete their mission. Truly heartbreaking. I feel as much for the parents and I do these young starseeds, and it is because of the gravity of losing awakening young starseeds that I am writing this week’s message. Consider this firm but loving guidance from Mission Control.

Your Parents’ Role

Long ago, before you came to Earth, a plan was made for your life. This plan included both your 3D life and your mission. On that plan were contract for the people who would be your parents. Their job was to raise you, as well as, provide you with the necessary “conditioning” that would enable you to fulfill your mission.

In most cases, your parents’ job would be completed once you reached the age of 18 or so. At that point, depending on the particulars of your plan, you would make the life choices that would lead to life on your own.

Mission Training

As part of the plan for your mission training, you would experience the necessary “conditioning” from your parents. But beyond that, your training would come as a result of life experiences gained once you launched out on your own. This means experiences from living on your own, your job, your friends, etc.

Living in Two Worlds

As one, who has completed a mission, along with many others working on missions, the way to success is to learn how to live in two worlds while maintaining your balance in both. In short, it means living in 3D but making decisions with a higher level of consciousness. It is part of a mission plan that this success is attained through living equally in both worlds.

To wrap it up, if you are feeling frustrated and stuck, feeling like you have failed because you can’t get your parents to allow you to focus solely on your mission, know that they are doing you a favor. If your parents allowed you to skip out of 3D and live solely in the other realms, they would be supporting your eventual mission failure. Once you realize that your mission requires the experiences gained from living in both worlds, you will open the doors to a future that will be more than you ever dreamed.