March 28th Update

Greetings Template Makers,

Don’t know about you but it appears we are beginning to see events happening on the White Hat side again.  From what I’ve seen, the info about the child trafficking is starting to come out with the start being the ship and the semi truck both carrying Evergreen containers on them.  For those not yet aware, Evergreen is the Secret Service code name for HRC (H. Clinton) and Evergreen is owned by her.  In addition, it is my understanding that children were being, (and perhaps still are) shipped around the world in those containers.

On a personal note, I’ve seen many of those containers at the Port of Los Angeles, when I lived just on the other side of the peninsula from the port in an area known as Palos Verdes (PV).  Interestingly, on a road up to PV is where Tiger Woods had his accident; I know that area very well and the road he was on.  Hmmm…

There are other events beginning to occur in other areas such as the election fraud. We will talk about them on this week’s call.


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