Manifesting Now And In the Future

Hi Everyone,

Was talking to a friend of mine this morning was we got on the subject of the GCR (global currency reset) which is happening as we speak. But, if you have been on this currency journey any length of time, you know that it has been a loooong one!

Over and over we find ourselves getting caught up in focusing on the future while somewhat disregarding our respective present situation.  And over and over it leads to frustration, and in some cases, desperation because the now is a real financial struggle. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions and finances that leaves us tired and angry, struggling to regain a hopeful and positive outlook.

So what is the answer? How do we balance keeping hope alive, using it to energize and support the creation of the future we know is coming, while still manifesting in the now to make the now a pleasant and rewarding place to be? That is the subject of this week’s call.

Talk with you tonight,


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