Loving/Rescuing our 3D Family

Was talking with my good friend, Julie Dickey this morning, asking her, “What should I talk about this week?” We tossed around various topics but none seemed to fit the energy of today. Eventually we came around to the topic of family and in particular, how to handle seeing one’s family adversely affected by the catastrophic events that seem to be occurring almost weekly now. I mean think about it — just this past week the oil has reached some of the beaches along the Gulf coast, affecting hundreds of thousands of families, a tornado ravaged parts of Ohio, numerous families were impacted by the sudden flash flood in Arkansas that killed 17, grapefruit size hail hit yesterday in Texas, and last night 8+ inches of rain fell on Oklahoma City (my mom was right in the path of that storm and I can’t reach her this morning.)

How do we deal with all this? How do we keep from being angry, scared and helpless? The reality is that we can’t help from feeling these things; they are natural and normal reactions. It’s also normal to feel anger over the fact that they chose not to ascend or do emotional clearing to ensure that they were out of harm’s way, and now we are left to feel the pain of their loss and losses. As I understand it, emotional clearing is the secret to safety.

I think about my mom and how much she will suffer from the flooding. She is barely able to walk so how will she clean up? I feel enraged at my sense of helplessness. Yet, at the same time, if I view this from the higher perspective which means seeing us all as creator god/goddesses experiencing our creations for our personal and collective growth, I must acknowledge that my mother has her path and that her path included her having this experience. If I love her, I will allow this to be and not remain angry. It is something she had chosen for her own growth at this time in her life. I don’t have to understand why, I simply need to trust that all is as it should be.

Still, the helpless is hard to take. Guess that’s the way our guides feel as they watch us down here on Earth slogging through the painful events of our lives and lessons. To attempt to rescue us would be to interfere; they can only sit back, watch, observe and be ready when we finally call for help. Help will be in the form of loving, non-judgmental guidance liberally sprinkled with lots of assurance that all is on track and suggestions for a good next step.

So, I’m sharing this as I think of my mom, hoping that if you have 3D family members affected by the weather and other disastrous events, it will be of some help.

We are here to be Way showers but not enablers; its Guide training in 3D.