Lost on the Path

Thanks for all who shared the free mini-session special.  The response was overwhelming with nearly 200 calls and emails in less than 3 days.  Looks like the Guides were right about people needing to connect, eh? LOL.

As I did in last week’s message, I’m providing an update on the most often discussed topics. The reason being that by doing so we may begin to understand what issues are so important at this time that the Guides would ask us to provide this opportunity. Here is what was most often discussed during the second week.

Lost on the Path

It appears that many who have been on the Spiritual and/or Ascension paths have found themselves a bit lost lately.  Many who are teachers report seeing their work dry up with no idea where to go next.

In addition to the teachers, it appears many healers are finding themselves a bit lost as well.  Several I have had the honor to counsel report no longer feeling that their chosen modalities are as effective.

In regards to the healers, from what the guides are saying it is because we have reached a point where the healing must be accomplished by the client rather than the practictioner.  This means both teaching the modality and becoming more of a facilitator.  It also means moving up to a new level of modalities–ones that empower the client to do their own healing rather than doing it for them.  So no more removing blocks or old programming for our clients, we must teach them to do it for themselves.

Another big area are those who have been on the Ascension Path while still maintaining jobs in the 3D business world.  They have left those jobs and are struggling to figure out where to go next.  Several of the people I  worked with this week were in this situation.  In each case, the answer had been right in front of them; they just weren’t able to see it.  We all know that one, don’t we? *chuckling*

Starseeds And Walk-ins

Teacher, healers and those moving out of corporate America are not the only ones feeling a little lost, I heard from numerous starseeds and walk-ins, too.  What was unusual is that most of them have lived rather isolated lives.  Finding themselves somewhat at a dead end, they are reconnecting back to society and looking for direction.  Interesting, eh?

That’s the gist of this week’s work.