Living through a Life Transition

Isn’t it interesting how we can be up one day and down the next? Keeping our spirits up and staying emotionally in alignment with our desires in order to attract what we desire is challenging even in the best of times. Doing so when our personal world is in transition is … well–damn difficult some days.

Like some of you reading this, I thought my yearly year-end reflection time was just that–a yearly thing. I’ve recently discovered it’s much more–a life transition. Though the yearly reflection time involves some degree of change in order to bring about the coming year’s work, a life transition involves massive change. It requires that just about everything you’ve done come to an end. This can include–and is not limited to–how you make a living or a relationship. In a life transition the very foundation of your life dissolves in order to build a new one.

I’d like to say, Oh yea, my life is totally changing, isn’t that great?! But that would a lie. It’s tough and scary when your foundation crumbles beneath your feet. You’re up, you’re down. You’re left with nothing to hold on to but the trust you have in yourself and your guides. If you’re like me, you discover much to your surprise, that that trust is lacking.

A life transition not only clears the deck, so to speak, in preparation of a new life, it brings out all the fears that need to be released before that new life takes hold. I’m certainly going through that now.

I’m reminded that when living through a life transition is to give myself time to grieve the loss of my old life. I’ve realized that when I don’t give myself the time or permission to grieve what may be going away … possibly everything I’ve done up to this point including the weekly messages, the transition is harder. Grieving means giving ourselves permission to wallow in the pain and continuing to do so until it dissolves … and it will–quite suddenly.

Many nights I’ve gone to bed really depressed (wallowing) only to wake the next morning feeling happy and hopeful. As my guides used to say, change involves a grieving process and part of enlightenment is knowing when you to give in to the grief.

Like all of you, my fellow transitioners, I don’t know if everything I’ve done will end–I can’t imagine my life without the weekly messages–but if they end, it will be with fond memories. They gave me the opportunity to get close to all of you. I’ve appreciated your feedback, yes, even the crazily angry ones–I considered them proof that I hit a chord even if discordantly. *smile*. The many emails telling me how a message arrived at just the right time brought smiles to my face … and oftentimes arrived at just the moment I needed cheering up. Thank you!

My guides also said that enlightenment involved knowing when to be grateful and what to be grateful for. I am grateful for you.

Have a blessed week and Merry Christmas!