Living Multi-dimensionally: A Personal Experience

Over the last few years I have been a proponent of multidimensional living, working to educate and prepare people to enter the galactic community. And I have sought to live that way myself. In the beginning when I was just learning about multidimensionality and what it meant, I could only experience it from an intellectual point of view. Now, four years later, I can say that it is experiential. The point of this article is to share an example what living multi-dimensionally looks like on a day-to-day basis, along with some of the attributes required to live that way.

Many of us are striving for this goal. We want to know what it is like to be multidimensional while living in a 3rd dimensional body. Well, I am here to say that though it is an awesome experience it does present some unique emotional challenges. It is not my intention to dissuade you from wanting to attain this goal, after all, we must attain it to be able to enter and live in the galactic community. Instead, my intention is to help open your eyes to what it is really like to live multi-dimensionally, the great and the not so great parts of it. I wish to remove the illusions of it being an all-perfect existence so that you can enter this state of consciousness with your eyes open to all that it can be. I will use a personal experience that I am going through right now to illustrate this.

Living in 3D with the awareness of a 9D concurrent life

I realize that in order for this example of multidimensional living to make sense, a little context is necessary beginning with how the 3D Nibiruan Council began. The 3D Nibiruan Council officially opened its offices in January 1997 but the work we were to do actually began 3 years earlier when Devin, my brother who exists in 9D, first contacted me after my walk-in. I had walked-in in June of 1992 and remained asleep (unaware of the soul exchange) until he contacted me through a dream in April 1993.

As 1996 drew to a close, my two partners and I found each other. They, too, were part of our 9D family. Through our work, along with the efforts of other family members that were drawn to us, the currently awakened and incarnate members of our 9D Nibiruan family were brought together. As a group we began to remember, learn and start the healing process for the wounds we still carried from our 9D life that remained etched in our hearts and souls.

Since that time we have completed the first phase of the work we were to do which was to lay the foundation for the template through which we would heal our wounds and at the same time provide a way to complete polarity integration. Through our interactions during that year and a half we opened the old wounds and began the long road to healing and integration. We would have 3 years to complete the template. At the end of the three years, if we succeeded, we would have a new template in place in earth’s grid that the remainder of earth’s population could access to clear any block and achieve compassion.

We had learned through the experiences of many lifetimes that it is compassion that changes the DNA, turning on those 4 additional codons that enable us to ascend and create a live of harmony. This template would be our contribution to earth’s ascension.

We would use our memories of the painful and fatal events that led to the demise of our 9D home world as the catalyst for compassionate change. We agreed before coming here to unconsciously re-enact the events of that life and timeline as a way to trigger our memories. As the memories of these wounds were brought into conscious awareness through emotional triggers created by our actions, we would have the opportunity to make different choices, choices that would lead to integration. The tools for achieving our goal, DNA Recoding and The Keys of Compassion, would be channeled to us at the beginning and during the process by one of our family. This person would be selected, and if they agreed, would voluntarily take on the role of family messenger.

Now you may ask, why would we agree to create this template? What would have caused us to need to do it? We believe that we are responsible for instigating the polarity game in this universe … all by agreement and in accordance with the Universal Divine Plan. It is my understanding that there was a group of souls who agreed to begin the polarity integration game and follow it through to the end, creating aspects of themselves and incarnating in the various dimensions and on many planets to play out roles, eventually completing the game by achieving integration. Through the wars we fought and the feuds we created, we have brought these painful blocks through all the dimensions. We believe that this also was intended because unless there is something, some block to integrate, there can be no soul growth, and the goal of every soul is to spiritually evolve and reunite with Source. To grow we must learn something and to really learn it we must experience it, not just read about it.

By creating this template and healing our family wounds we could create a new timeline where war was avoided this time around. Not only would we be creating a template that could end the probability of a third galactic war, we would be creating a template that could be used to heal any imbalance in behavior patterns, bringing them into harmony since our behavior created the original imbalances as required to begin the Polarity Integration Game in this universe.

For those of you that feel that being 9D is something special, let me say that we feel just the opposite. To us, being from 9D simply means that we have been around the block many times, so to speak. We have experienced life in all the dimensions below 9D and have worked our way back up the ladder. We are no better, greater or more divine than those on other dimensions, we have just been around longer.

To us the dimensions are not vertical they are horizontal. We see dimensions as states of collective consciousness. One dimension is not better or worse than another, they are to us playing fields where we were learn the lessons that state of consciousness or dimension has to offer. You could liken them to football stadiums. One is not better than another, they are just different. All are for playing football, some are indoors and some are outdoors. The game played is the same, but the teams playing are different in each game. And sometimes the same two teams come back together to play the game again, though the experience of the game and the outcome differs. So you could call us 9Ders the old coots. We have been around a long time playing this game of polarity, trying to achieve the ultimate goal…integration.

In the Polarity Integration Game we do this thing called “grand experiments” as part of our process of trying to achieve integration. We play the Game at different levels and in different dimensions. These other realities have a variety of different parameters by which the game is played so that the possibility of learning a lesson or creating an outcome is increased. Thus, we set up a “grand experiment” which as the “Super Bowl” of the Polarity Integration Game. In the scenario of the “grand experiment” there are no limits and total free will is experienced. If we are successful, which in the past we have not been, we will then experience full polarity integration and bring the Game to a conclusion.

If you have read my book We are the Nibiruans, you know that we have tried this twice before, but alas, have not achieved the goal. So we are trying again now. Earth is the third “grand experiment” – the third time we have attempted to complete integration of the Light and the Dark within us and in our realities. It is the third time we have attempted full polarity integration in a total free will state. We intend to be successful this time … and so far we are having already moved past the point where we failed in the previous two experiments.

As part of the “grand experiment” process, we agreed that some of us would create aspects or multidimensional selves to incarnate on the planet, others will walk-in and the remainder would stay in 9D to act as guides. I, Jelaila, have chosen the walk-in method this time around.

At predetermined times and in predetermined places we would meet and begin our interactions in 3D and thus the process of remembering. At first the only clue would be the heart connection we feel with each other as well as other emotions of anger, sadness and/or excitement that have no real basis in this dimension. This is why synchronicity is so amazing. Through seeing the synchronicities and tracking them we can find validation of our roles, remember who we are, what our mission is and how we fit into the overall plan of our family and the “grand experiment.”

To figure out what wounds we came to heal we agreed to play roles that duplicate the experiences of the past roles played in the other life. While the appearances of each person’s role and the apparent importance to the society at large may vary a great deal from the original events, the actions involved would be almost identical thus helping to trigger the emotions that would eventually enable us to access the memories of the events that created the wounds and led to the wars and pain and suffering in the other lifetime. The roles we chose and the dramas involved were also designed to ensure that we would awaken each other to the memory of who we are in the family and to the greater plan for which we were brought together. In some of the roles, the individual would remember more of the other life than the others. This also would be in accordance with the overall plan.

Back to my present state; after nearly four years of many of us acting out our roles here in 3D, the memories of our 9D life are much clearer. We know that we are a family, drawn together by feelings that we cannot explain through our current reality. And some of us are beginning to remember who they are on 9D. Some of us remember our physical forms that in many cases are not human. We are beginning to remember what our names are, who our mothers and fathers are and the events in which we were involved that would cause us to want to come here to make different choices. As the events of our 9D life unfold once more and we make different choices, we are changing the outcome of events that occurred in the other timeline. In other words, events that occurred would not occur or would occur differently with more balanced and harmonious outcomes. And we can do this because all time is now. Linear time is a concept created for a “grand experiment”, it does not exist outside of the “grand experiment.”

Before we all came to play out this drama again, we created a plan. I can remember us sitting through many meetings to decide who would play what role, who would wake up first, etc. I remember being asked to play the role of the messenger, bringing through the tools that we would use to heal our family wounds and create the template. In addition, I would awaken first and begin the work through which our family members would be brought together.

As Jonathan (Jehowah) and I begin our process to pull up roots and move to Cedar Rapids, IA (the current gathering place of the 9D family), more of the conflicts from our 9D life are unfolding. The challenge before the two of us is being willing to move forward and go to Cedar Rapids (high heart of the Dove) to complete the healing of our family wounds and the creation of the template even though we fear most of the family still doesn’t remember enough to complete the job. Also, from a 3D perspective, Jonathan and I do not want to leave southern California to move to Iowa at all, especially in the dead of winter! I remember much of our other life but most of the family does not remember as much as I do and this is by design. Much as I dislike admitting it, we planned it this way, which brings me to the point of this article.

I remember more of the events that took place since this is part of my role as messenger. I remember what they are capable of, their real power, but at this time they have only a clue as to who they really are. As a result I want to connect with them from a multidimensional perspective, not from where they are now. I want them to recognize me as who I am in 9D just as I recognize them. I remember them multi-dimensionally.

The brothers and sisters and great uncles I see here on earth are shadows of the powerful beings I remember. They are still in the process of recreating in 3D who they really are. I grow impatient waiting for them to remember and become the person I know. I have little patience for the process of emergence because my heart connects with them as 9D family more so than 3D acquaintances. This is the downside of multidimensionality. I remember people as they are in both dimensions. I remember our relationships and many of the events that transpired between us, events that created wounds we came here to heal. So I have a twofold challenge here.

First, I want them to remember who they are in 9D. Because I am more closely aligned with my 9D reality being a walk-in, I tend to want to connect more from that dimension than from 3D because it feels more real to me. My heart fills to overflowing when I am in their presence and they are remembering even a little bit. I have waited 3 years for them to remember and I am becoming impatient for a full connection.

So you see, as you begin to awaken to your multidimensional lives, you will find that you begin to remember some of the people in your life from other places and times. And if they are family members in that other reality, you may find that you want to connect more with who they are in that lifetime than who they are in this lifetime. Thus, the challenge.

Secondly, I want them to remember the events that transpired so that we can heal them. I fear that if they don’t remember fast enough we won’t be able to complete the template and heal our wounds which will cause us all to have to create another “grand experiment” and do it all again. That means carrying the pain of these wounds for another full cycle.

I don’t want to carry the pain any longer. I want to heal it now! This is very frustrating for all of us. In a way their position is preferable to mine. When we don’t have the memories we don’t feel the pain. On the other hand, they carry the pain of my rejection and lack of acceptance for who they are right now. As you can see, we all carry the pain of our family issue regardless of where we are in the process.

So one of the not-so-wonderful parts of being multidimensional is that you begin to remember the events that transpired with certain people in your current life. As the pain of those memories grows, you can become fearful and impatient that they will not remember thereby creating the fear of the possibility that you will have to carry that pain into another lifetime. This can be very upsetting and deeply disturbing.

I am experiencing both of these situations right now. As the triggers keep coming with the family in Cedar Rapids, I grow more frustrated, angry and fearful. I want them all to remember who they are right now (even though I know that we all planned that they would not remember at this time) and to be willing to make the choices that will heal the wounds we have brought into this “grand experiment” to heal. I don’t want to carry the pain any longer and I want my heart connection with the family as I remember them, not as their 3D shadow selves. I realize this is selfish on my part and I admit it. I know that I need to have compassion and understanding, accepting them as they are and where they are in their process. I know all this but my Inner Child/Ego still rebels. I don’t want to carry pain. I don’t want to feel invalidated in my role because they can’t remember theirs. I don’t want to feel rejected, but as long as I have a multidimensional consciousness, I must be willing to feel all that it entails.

I have learned that being multidimensional means living each day with the memories of other lifetimes and all the emotions and feelings contained within them. Just like we still feel the emotions of our first love or the birth of our first child in this lifetime, the memories of other lifetimes are just as real when we are multidimensional.

To be multidimensional takes the greatest degree of responsibility. As the memories of our other lives become clearer, we must take full responsibility for how we handle them in our current reality. Some of you are beginning to remember relationships that in this current life are not the same as in the lives that you are beginning to remember. For example, you may meet someone and feel that they should be your spouse, but in this life you are already married. This can set the stage for some real emotional trauma. You may experience anger that you cannot be with the person from the other life without creating a lot of pain in your current life. Your current spouse may feel threatened and then a whole heap of conflict ensues. Do you see what I mean?

Opening up to multidimensionality means remembering who you are and who you are within your other lives. It also includes having the integrity for the ultimate responsibility—that of discovering and honoring the true purpose for our multidimensional existence here in 3D, not just the apparent 3D desires. Remember, all these lifetimes are happening now. Linear time only exists here in the “grand experiment.”

To be multidimensional takes great compassion. I realize that my attitude towards those in Iowa who I remember as family is not the attitude that will create a healing. But I also realize that to get to the attitude that creates the healing, I must be true to my feelings, express them and allow the process to unfold. I need to have patience for myself before I can hope to have patience for them. This means allowing my Inner Child/Ego to feel its anger about not being able to have the emotional connection with the family as she remembers them. It means moving through the feelings of having to be patient and wait for what we desire while at the same time, valuing what we already have. I have a relationship with them now, it is not all that I want it to be but it is good in many ways. And I know that I, too, am not yet all that I can be so I am sure that they are waiting for me to be the person that I can be, the person that will accept them for who they are, for where they are on their path right now and be able to value that as much as I do the vision that I hold in my heart of each of them.

Loving, accepting and allowing the process of returning to our full power to unfold in its own timing is compassion in action. I know that I will get to that place as long as I allow my Inner Child/Ego to go through the feelings. And once I am there, I can love these family members just as they are now, accepting them at the stage they are in right now, being willing to wait for that full heart connection.

As I move into that space, they will be able to love me for me and not for what I represent, their link to home. Then we will all feel validated, loved and accepted and that will heal the wounds that were opened in Kansas City, and complete the integration template for earth’s grid, the work we came here to do.

In closing, as you open to multidimensionality keep in mind that along with the joy of being able to access other lives comes the challenge of the memories that hold the wounds you came here to heal. My family is not the only family from another dimension and timeline that is here to heal wounds. I would have to say that most starseeds have family wounds to heal.

There are those who say that we starseeds, walk-ins and lightworkers did not come here to receive, only to give. I believe it is just the opposite. I believe we came here to give and to receive. What we receive is another chance to make different choices, choices that will change the outcome of disasters on our home worlds. In doing so we help our families and civilizations to spiritually progress to their next step. To me, changing the outcome of events in other lifetimes from war to peace and from rejection to compassion is one of the great values of being multidimensional. Remember that there is a universal law of giving and receiving. To think that we came to give and not receive would violate that law. So take the opportunities that multidimensionality brings and heal the wounds within yourselves, your families and your worlds. What greater gift can there be?

In service,

Jelaila Starr

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