Life After the C-V_rus is Over

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the feedback regarding our special call last Friday night.  We covered a lot of ground and I am glad that it all made sense.

There is one area that I didn’t fully address and that is the topic of life after humanity is freed from the mind control grid and which should happen after the C-virus runs it course.

I was thinking about it this morning as I as washing dishes.  Imagine how different your family and friends, those who seem to be in step with the Cabal’s party line, will be?  How will they be different?  Will they all of a sudden appear as though they awoke from a dream?  Will they be wonder struck that they ever believed all the stuff they were being fed by the MSM?  Will they be horrified, and then angered because so much of what they had believed was a lie?  And finally, will they then become terrified because the foundation of their world, their cherished beliefs about reality have been ripped from under them?  Remember what it was like when you learned that much of what religion taught you was untrue?  Remember being shaken up about it?  I sure do.

This brings me to tonight’s final piece, how to prepare to assist these people.  It is my understanding that the newly awakened will be avidly seeking understanding, not just about what they are leaving behind, but what to believe in now. They will need to build a new foundation—that is where you come in.  You will be the light, the beacon, shining in the darkness of their chaos and fear.  Are you ready?

Talk with you tonight,

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