Keep the Faith: We are on a Positive Timeline

For all those who emailed asking if they had somehow been dropped from my email list cause they didn’t get a message last week, the answer is no. I didn’t do a message. As I said two weeks ago, I may not do one every week. After 4 years of weekly messages, I’m giving myself more time off. And since many of the messages are updates on changes occurring globally, there are times when I’ll give certain events time to evolve before reporting on them.

That brings me to this week’s message. You could call it a feel-good one cause it’s more or less another confirmation that we are on a good, positive timeline instead of one that isn’t.

From ETs’ messages sent through crop circles and the Hopi’s red/blue Kachinas to Edgar Cayce’s predictions, there have been many predictions about our future. Whether by war, earth changes or asteroid hits we are being warned that civilization, as we know it now, will cease to exist so be prepared for the worse. As I’ve written for some time, I don’t believe we will experience this type of future. Why? I firmly believe we h altered our future and moved onto a more positive timeline as of 12/21/12. On this new timeline the above events would not occur.

How did we accomplish moving onto a better, more positive timeline? It is my understanding that we accomplished this unprecedented feat through our collective efforts of waking up, taking responsibility for the world we had co created and then doing our emotional clearing. This emotional clearing included doing our respective personal clearing on the issues that made up the 4 Galactic Wounds.

The 3 Earth Grand Experiments

Galactic Wounds/Template Work and Healing

Those wounds are prior human home worlds that were destroyed and whose timelines are now tied in Earth’s timeline. As I wrote for many years, if we do our work to heal our part of those wounds we alter the future.

In the years leading up to 12/21 I often wrote of how we had cleared the potentiality of each of the earth changes and or geopolitical events that were destined to be played out and that had been part of the demise of one of those home worlds. I also stated that as of our equatorial crossing on 12/21/12, we would soon discover what effects we had because many of the prophesied and predicted future events such as an asteroid hit and WWIII would not occur.  Here is one powerful confirmation that we have successfully shifted.

Missed Asteroid Hit

It has been long predicted that an asteroid will hit earth causing mass destruction and plummeting us into another ice age. It’s my belief that that asteroid did arrive yesterday, February 15th. As we now know it missed us by 17,200 miles. So that prediction is null and void.

Nibiru’s connection

These meteor/asteroid showers are to be expected due to Nibiru/Planet X pushing space debris ahead of it. As she moves through the Asteroid Belt during her journey in our sector of the solar system, that debris will be pushed towards the sun and we are in the path.

If you recall, I wrote often of the Nibiruans’ statement that if we Comet Elenin passed without incident, so would Nibiru and that we would be in the clear as far as astronomical events were concerned. Elenin moved through last Fall and there were very little disturbance. Now this asteroid has passed with only minor disturbance.

Iran and WWIII

If I recall correctly, we were supposed to be embroiled in WWIII by now. Iran and Isreal would jump start it. Have you notice that Iran is not being talked about in the news as much? Perhaps the US has taken China’s threats of retaliation seriously and backed off.

New Financial System

An upcoming confirmation that we will have that we are on a more positive timeline is a new financial system. This system will level the playing field so to speak and release humanity from financial slavery. It appears that we will see this new financial system by March and if not, no later than June.

There are other events to move through, eliminating the evolving global police state, bringing about free energy and cleaning up our planet. I think we will see the majority of these things manifest by the end of 2014.

Again my purpose in writing today is to give you a reason to hold on. As each of these old prophecies do not occur, the more confirmation we have that we are on the right track. For another perspective, check out with Alfred Webre’s information.

Planet X Update: Is Earth on a Positive Timeline?

My dear friends, keep the faith, keep doing your emotional clearing, and keep sharing the info of our progress so that others will know.