Jumping into the Void of Opportunity

At a time when so many of us are experiencing the intensity of emotional clearing and resulting confusing and sometimes very painful changes in our relationships, I felt that sharing a few of my secrets would be of some help. These secrets are the things I have learned about letting go and jumping into the void of the unknown. Enjoy!

Lately I’ve been counseling people who appear to have a common challenge occurring in their lives. It seems the props of their personal worlds are falling away as the foundations of their lives dissolve before their very eyes! They ask, “Jelaila, what do I do?” My reply is always, “Rejoice cause now you have the opportunity to jump into the void of opportunity!” Usually after a brief period of puzzled silence they respond, “What do you mean, void of opportunity?” Let me explain.

Each person’s Life Blueprint has doors that lead from one stage of life to another. As each door is closing, we must jump into a void to open the next door, trusting that what is created in the void will make us wiser, stronger and happier. Unfortunately we usually open the next door after the previous one has been shut through seemingly uncontrollable circumstances, like a job loss or relationship breakup. At times like this, we feel our world is falling apart. Since we didn’t seize the opportunity to change for the better, our soul takes the initiative and closes the door for us. The soul’s goal is always spiritual growth.

Eventually things work out and we realize these were doors of opportunity and our current life is better than before. This Reactive Path is one way to move through your Life Blueprint, with much pain, fear, anger, and a sense of victimhood. We seem to feel that things happen to us instead of us realizing that we are the creators of our life circumstances.

For Walk-ins, the Reactive Path will only lengthen the time it takes for them to find their true purpose for coming to Earth. With time growing shorter and shorter, it would behove the Walk-in to consider the Proactive Path. Through this path, they can reach the point on their Life Blueprint where they know their Contract for Service, and they can begin to fulfill it. So how do we switch from the Reactive Path to the Proactive Path? How do we overcome the obstacles of fear that keep us from taking this more joyful route? Let me share a few secrets with you.

Secret 1. You set up your Life Blueprint with all the various and wonderful ways your life would change, once you closed a door and jumped into the void of opportunity that opened the next door.

We obtain soul growth by feeling the fear of letting go of the old and making the jump anyway, knowing that we have set up something much better for ourselves than before. Look back at your life and notice how many times this has been true for you.

Secret 2. Behind each new door you open, there is a gift you placed there in advance. It is a reward for feeling the fear of letting go and jumping into the void, for trusting in yourself and what you set up. Sometimes the gift is a new love partner, or a new job or even just more happiness.

As a soul in the Interlife, the life between lives, you knew that a life without rewards would be arduous indeed. You would probably quit and transition if it got too hard. So you placed rewards on your blueprint to reward yourself for lessons learned.

Secret 3. You get to your Contract much faster once you begin moving through the doors and voids of opportunity consciously, instead your soul having to push you through them.

Many times I have had people say to me, “Jelaila, I want to make this jump, but I’m afraid it won’t turn out okay.” I answer, “Why would you give yourself something less than what you’ve already got? Wouldn’t it make more sense that you would give yourself something better? Isn’t the purpose of your existence attaining higher levels of wisdom, joy and understanding?” To this they would answer, yes. Then I would finish with, “Since wisdom, joy and spiritual growth are what we are going for, then is there any reason that it wouldn’t turn out great?”

At this point the client shifts into a state of relief, excitement and anticipation, no longer fearing change and letting go. They didn’t really understand before that they set up their Life Blueprint. They thought someone else directed their lives, someone outside themselves. They realize now they really are the creators of their destiny. Now they realize with great joy, that it is them, their soul that directs their life and that their soul loves them and wishes only the best for them. Now they can move through their Life Blueprint without fear, knowing that the voids of opportunity are where the new circumstances of their life are created. Everything, all matter is created in a void. They also know that the next door beyond the void is the manifested creation of the void. It is the new love, the new job.

Walk-ins, time is growing short. You asked to know your Contract for Service. Taking the express train, the Proactive Path, will get you to it and to the life of joy and abundance you know your soul has set up well in advance for you. Have a great trip!

Jelaila Starr

Readers Comments

“I really enjoyed that essay about Void of Opportunity. The soul mate I thought I had found a few months ago after an exruciatingly painful breakup turned out to NOT be my soul mate. He broke up with me last week. I was pretty devastated for a few days and even started questioning my own faith until I realized it was actually another crisis of faith test. I think I passed. With every loss, I feel like I gain threefold now. I feel even stronger than ever. And I feel lucky that it only took me 3 months to figure out this person was not the right one for me. But the breakup definitely brought up the same old childhood fears and issues of loss. This time I am going to get professional counseling to help me deal with my new epiphanies and breakthroughs. That article made perfect sense. Looking back, I see that each time I thought I wouldn’t make it, a new opportunity for growth and happiness appeared. Whether my soul put them there or not is really not the point. The point is that it IS always darkest before dawn. And I believe in my heart that something better awaits ME behind the next door of opportunity. Thanks for listening.” Luna

“I was just reading, Jumping into the Void of Opportunity, and the last paragraph hit me big time. Walk-ins, time is growing short. You asked to know your Contract for Service. Taking the express train, the Proactive Path, will get you to it and to the life of joy and abundance you know your soul has set up well in advance for you. Have a great trip! I had to jump up and pace about my small apartment as I called to God/Goddess and ask, What am I here to do? What does it look like? How do I do it from right where I am at right now? I know I have sooooo many wonderful gifts, talents and a deep desire to surrender my life to The Work, but feel like I don’t have a clue as how to do it; as to what it is that I have to offer. When I get back to work I plan to contact you for a phone session. Perhaps this may shine some extra light on my path. With love and light.” Dennis C’Ja