Joysia’s Updates – October, 1999

My purpose for sharing this update is to discuss the subject of implants. There has been much written on this subject and yet so little seems to be known. I would like to take this opportunity to share our perspective as genetic engineers as well as the higher perspective on implants with you. As always, use your own discernment with this or any other channeled material.

As a genetics engineer and one responsible for creating physical vehicles through which you as souls can experience a physical incarnation, implants are critical in our work. We use implants to anchor your life blueprint into your physical body. These implants contain all the lessons, patterns and events that you wanted to experience when you and your guides created your life blueprint. We call these particular kind of implants your “blueprint implants.”

As you go through your incarnation learning the lessons that you came to learn, these implants are restructured to reflect you new state of awareness or consciousness.

When you go through accelerated DNA recoding, your lessons come to you at a faster pace. As you clear these lessons, and we restructure your blueprint implants, your DNA changes as well. You also gain new neural pathways that enable to hold and use your new behavior patterns which are the result of learning your lessons, and clearing their corresponding emotional blocks.

Yet as many of you know, blueprint implants aren’t the only kind of implants you can have. There are those implants that you place in each other’s etheric and emotional bodies when you place a curse on someone or a vow on yourself. There are also the implants that you receive from alien races for monitoring purposes. These also affect your emotions. Some implants are physical and are placed in your physical bodies, but in all cases there is a corresponding etheric implant. So removing just the physical implant will not clear it from you completely.

From the higher perspective, we understand implants to be a neutral technology. It is what we do with them that makes the difference. Like money, they can be used to assist or to harm.

Yet we will tell you something that you may not be aware of. All implants, are programs. These programs can be changed by you as many of you have experienced with your life blueprint implants. I say this because there are those who have indeed been given implants by others who wish to in some way control an aspect of their behavior. These implants use fears already in the emotional body to maintain their programming. You can deactivate them by integrating the fear that keeps them working.

In closing I would like to add one more thing. In everything there is a value. This is also true of those implants you may have received from others. If this has happened to you, please remember that you allowed it for the purpose of your own soul growth. To be able to deactivate one of these implants takes great courage and spiritual understanding. If you look at your life blueprint, you will find the contract for the implant. No one else will be able to deactivate these implants for you without incurring headaches and other physical pain. Now is the time to use your power. The days are over when others can do it for you.

No implant is beyond activation. If you desire guidance in determining the fears that are used to keep an implant activated, please call upon me. I will hear you. Implants are nothing to fear, they are just technology like computers. Once you learn how to work with them, you will no longer be afraid.

In service to you,

Joysia, Chief Genetics Engineer, Sirian A Council thru Jelaila