Joysia’s Updates – May, 1997

After much deliberation and study of the information that has been received from those moving through the Accelerated DNA Recoding Process, it has been decided to discontinue the Caretaker program.

This decision was made due to the increase in stress levels that appeared when the astral body left the physical body during the waking state. The Caretaker program was instigated to reduce the stress but we have seen that the reduction was not enough to allow your bodies to move through Recoding comfortably.

The solution is for you to stay grounded in your bodies during the waking state and for your genetics engineer to perform the necessary recoding procedures you require, during the sleep state. We have already implemented this and found it to be much more comfortable for you and your body.

If you have further questions regarding this arrangement, please contact me.


Joysia, Chief Genetics Engineer, Sirian A Council thru Jelaila