It’s Time to Be the Bridge You Came to Be!

As the Millennium approaches, many of us Lightworkers are faced with making the decision to return to the 3D work world. For some this is a real inner conflict because it makes us feel as if we have somehow failed in our missions. I wrote the following article to help you see your situation in its true light and also to assist you with ways to make the right decision for you. Please let me know if it helps … Jelaila Starr

Just recently I returned to from a trip home to Kansas City. After living in Los Angeles for over a year now, it was a welcome change energetically. I spent a lot of that time catching up on the lives of my dear Lightworker friends that I left behind when I moved.

On the plane ride back to LA, I thought about the information my friends had shared and how appropriate their recent choices are for the times we are now living in. The majority had made the decision to return to some kind of job in the 3D world or business world. At first they were uncomfortable telling me this since I was still fully into the spiritual world with my business, the Nibiruan Council. But it didn’t take long for them to see how happy I was about the choices they made. I said to them, Your decision to return to the 3D world is so right. Now is the time to become the bridge that you have spent so much time and sacrificed so much to learn how to be. All those years that you spent in the metaphysical community are now ready to pay off. This is great!

The look of relief and happiness on their faces was heart-wrenching for me to see. I never knew just how much doubt and fear they harbored inside themselves over their decision. They thought I would not approve and judge them negatively like so many others were doing. They were made to feel that they were in some way betraying their spiritual calling by going back into the world. They were still haunted by the programming that to be financially affluent meant that they were not very spiritual. They carried the guilt that perhaps they had failed the test of poverty and did not endure to the end as they were told they were to do in order to ascend. They were still plagued by the idea that they had somehow missed their calling. How sad!

They were not going back into the business world out of fear, they we going back because a good opportunity had presented itself and they felt drawn to take it. Yes, many of them had struggled financially for years in the metaphysical world and the job was a welcome relief to their former constant financial strain. But, in each case they had been willing to continue their life fully invested in their spiritual pursuit. The decision to take the job came when they finally realized that it was the next step on their spiritual path and had given in to their soul’s calling regardless of the fear, guilt and their friends opinions.

Looking back I realize now just how hard that decision had been for them. Their greatest fears were coming up for them. They were afraid that if they made that decision to take the job that it meant that they were taking the easy way out and therefore, had somehow failed. Failure translated in their minds as the inability to be strong enough, to clear enough of their emotional baggage to be able to hear and see their guides, to stay on their path, to achieve their divine missions. Deep inside, the decision to take the job meant that they had made the choice to serve themselves instead of the world, and were no longer worthy of their calling. As for some, they feared that they might have lost their opportunity to ascend because they had been weak and could not endure to the end.

How easy it is to get confused in this business of spirituality and ascension. And how prolific the negative judgment of us so called spiritual ones. In some ways we are no better than the priests and ministers we rebelled against on our way out of fundamentalist religion. In some ways we are just as harsh and conditional. Perhaps it is time we take a good look at ourselves and see where we don’t discern correctly the next step of our spiritual paths and that of others. And our judgment is just as painful as that of the priests and ministers that came before us… Here I am, just about to go off on another tangent. Let’s get back to this theme of this article.

There are ways (signs) that we can use to discern whether taking a job in the business world is our next step. Here are the ones that I use when in a counseling session with a client. The ones below are not all the signs, they are just the ones I have noticed that seem to be fairly common. Perhaps they can help you in making your next move.

  1. Are the doors of opportunity closing on your present form of work? Are the clients drying up and anything that you attempt to do to bring in more clients is not working. This includes those fail-proof marketing strategies that used to work but for some reason don’t work now. (I know how frustrating that can be!)
  2. Are you feeling that things need to change? This will many times be reflected in your dreams through dreams symbols such as buying or being in a new house, a new baby, taking a journey and successfully completing it, or more literally, working in a new kind of job or career. Your soul and guides many times use these kinds of dream symbols to inform you of the need to move on to the next step. Of course, there are others, but these are the ones I most commonly hear from my clients, and personally experience myself, when it is time to make that transition back into the business world.
  3. You begin to experience pain in your knees, sciatica, or low-back pain. I have just recently experienced both as a result of needing to tell my beloved partner that it is time for one of us to return to the business world.
  4. Last, but not least, a great opportunity presents itself. It just seems to come from nowhere and there is no way that you could have possibly made it happen yourself. This is the most powerful clue and the clearest. When it appears to come as a miracle it is your soul’s doing. Follow it and you will be abundantly rewarded.

Now let’s move to the next item. How do you know that taking a job is your next step? How can you tell that it isn’t? You will know because the job will become a nightmare for you and your body will begin to react. It will become more of burden and the money that it creates for you will not even begin to compensate for the stress, problems and pain that you are enduring. If this occurs then the choice to take a job was made to alleviate the fear of not having money. And even though it came as part of a series of perceived synchronicities, there will be something about it that is out of balance, something that doesn’t feel right, and you will feel it and see it.

The signs will be right in front of your face if you are willing to see them. They will manifest in your body, in your family and at work, usually with bosses and coworkers. In a case like this, the job is simply a lesson designed to help you clear your money fears and make decisions based on your highest good instead of fear.

To remedy this kind of situation, simply make the verbal intent to your guides to be willing to let go of the job and the money it creates so that your highest good can be served. And when you make this intent, make it knowing that it could mean that your present job goes away before another one comes forward. Make it knowing that you may have to be without a job for a period of time. When this happens, it is just an opportunity to learn to wait on the soul to provide for you instead of doing it yourself. In my experience, my soul’s creations are so much better and satisfying than anything I could have dreamed up. And remember your soul is part of you it is the highest part of you, the God part of you. So allowing it to create the next step is like saying let go and let God.

In closing, allow me to reiterate that is time for many Lightworkers to return to the business world. It is time to become the bridge between the two worlds. We have been told that there will come a time when the world will be ready for what we do. And when that time came, the money we were promised would flow. This is still true, but we must be where the world can see us, where they can get to know us and become comfortable with our beliefs.

They must see a role model of what they want to become, in us. They cannot see us if we are shining our light in the midst of all the other lights. We must go back into their world and befriend them so that they can know us, be drawn to our services and refer others to us. Put those years of training and education to work. If spiritual education were a school, then we would be considered some of the most educated people on the planet.

My friends in Kansas City are much happier now and life was finally smoothing out for them since the made the step back. And most importantly, they feel that they are somehow being a bridge because people are coming to them at work asking for help. They are doing their lightwork within the business world. They feel good about this and feel that it is confirmation that they are on the right track and doing what they came to do. I wholeheartedly agree.

Now is the time to do what you have been trained to do and become what you have trained to be. You are the teachers, the healers and the world is waiting for you. So it that great opportunity presents itself, don’t hesitate. Take that job, teach others by example and enjoy it. After all, it’s what you came to do.


Jelaila Starr

Readers Comments

“I just read your article It’s Time to Be the Bridge You Came to Be! and I can’t tell you what a relief it was for me. I have been doing Lightwork on the web now for several years as well as becoming an author in 2001 but here lately have had the constant urge or feeling that it is time to do something else in the world but have no earthly idea as to what that is. I look but find nothing I would like to do out in the physical world at this very moment. So I hang on to the fact that I will be shown or given that opportunity should it be right for me. Your article was a sure sign that what I am thinking is true. Be still and it will come! I feel it’s time many of us take ourselves out into the world as you do and put our spiritual selves out there for others to learn and reach out to. Going back to the physical job I think is just another way of making that happen. But I can tell you one thing for me I will not take just any job … it has to be the right one. I am a big fan of loving what we do here, or else … smile. So thanks again for your inspiration and confirmation to me through your article! The timing was great, I’ll see what the New Year door that is opening now will bring this way! Happy Holidays to you and yours!” Vanessa