Is there More than One Shift?Multidimensional Training 101

Been getting emails from people asking about the upcoming shift. Is this the Great Shift, the Great Ascension as being stated by some spiritual teachers? I can feel their frustration. It’s challenging enough to do all the research required to establish a firm foundation, but when the information appears to be contradictory that makes it even more so.

In today’s message I hope to bring clarity, as well as, provide a good example of what it means to think multidimensional.

Multidimensional Training 101

When I began mission training, one of the first things the 9D Nibiruans taught me was the first principle of multidimensional thinking. That principle is that information has many levels of interpretation. They gave me the example of a 12 story building. As the explained, the person living on the top floor has a broader and more detailed perspective of the surrounding area than the person on the first floor. Does that mean that the first floor occupant’s perspective is wrong? Not at all. The first floor occupant’s perspective is valid and truthful. We simply must stay open to receiving the rest of the information from the occupants above him.

Does it mean that we disregard the first floor occupant’s information? No. We use it in our research efforts to find the “common thread.” The first floor occupant’s information will be reiterated by the occupants above him. Once we see that common thread at least 3 times, we know that we have something that is solid is a solid piece of the “bigger picture.” It becomes part of our foundation.

Now let’s apply this principle to the issue of “The Ascension or Shift.” To clarify, I am hearing some teachers refer to the upcoming change as the Ascension while others imply that the change is also the Great Shift. To make things more confusing, some say it is coming while others say it has occurred.

Applying Principle 1, here is how I view it: The Ascension is not a 1-time event. I see it as a shift in consciousness of a large number of people. This can, and has, happened many times before and will happen again. Examples are the shift in consciousness (ascension) that occurred in 1987 at Harmonic Convergence. There was another shift or ascension in consciousness at 9/11 in 2001.

Then there was another type of shift, a cosmic one, at the end of 2012 when our planet and solar system fully entered the wave of energy referred to as the Photon Band (a star that went super nova thousands of years ago and whose high neutrino energy has reached our part of the galaxy.)

In closing, I believe that the teachers are correct in that we are about to experience an ascension. I also believe as they do that it is the result of being immersed in the energies of the Photo Band, and spurred along by current planetary alignments.

But, it is the only one? I don’t believe so. Why? We still have a ways to go in shifting the mass consciousness (ascending) on this planet to ensure the viability of the new reality we are creating. That includes a greater number of people able to think multidimensionally.

With multidimensional thinking we are able to see opportunities that our galactic neighbors are trying to present to us. As we do we will find the solutions to the many seemingly unsolvable problems that face us today. It is at that point that I believe we will finally be able to fulfill our divine destiny.