Is Someone Else Getting Your Blessings?

Thanks to all who responded to last week’s message about this phase of soul growth being over. Guess I’m one of many who received the same information during sleep. Don’t ya just love the way guides work?

Now on to this week’s message. Is someone getting your blessings? What I’m talking about is the blessings you receive from doing your own emotional clearing. Since beginning this final push a couple of months ago, I’ve often received a lot of resistance from lightworkers … and starseeds … and walk-ins on the need to do emotional clearing. I understand the desire to avoid it; emotional clearing is not fun. Yet, if we choose to do it anyway, the blessings more than compensate for the pain. So this week I’ll address a few more questions:

  • Why is emotional clearing so important?
  • Isn’t it enough to just focus on love and light?
  • Can I have someone else clear my emotional blocks for me? Will that give me the same results as having done it myself?

I’ve decided to address these questions in this week’s message because I realized that doing so may help those of you who are still on the fence about emotional clearing. Maybe you are just waiting for that confirming sign to get moving, bringing you into closer alignment with the future you want to see. So here goes …

Why is emotional clearing so important?

The emotional field contains both positive and negative energies created during our current life along with those that we brought forward from past lives. Negative energies set up disruptions in the flow of energy through the physical body because the two are connected by energy portal or conduits known as the chakras. If left in place, these disruptions create physical problems resulting in illnesses some of which could become fatal (examples: cancer and heart disease). Emotional clearing is the process of working through and clearing out those negative energies.

Isn’t it enough to just focus on love and light?

I have to chuckle on this one ’cause I know from experience how much I tried to make this true. I tried focusing on just loving others and sending them loving energy and light; did it during the first years of my mission-to no avail. The issues with those individuals with whom I had conflicts and was trying to clear did not go away. The minute I stopped focusing on the “L & L”, the pain would surface and I’d be right back in the thick of it all. My anger towards the individuals would rear its ugly head and I’d find myself once again unable to focus on anything else due to the ongoing argument in my head.

Looking back I see that my guides wanted me to understand that I was avoiding the pain and only by going into it-and seeing my part in creating it-would I ever be able to truly clear it. So is Love and Light enough? Doesn’t appear to be, does it?

Can I have someone else clear my emotional blocks for me? Will that give me the same results as having done it myself?

Again, if this were effective, I’d be the first one in line. In fact, I tried several modalities that offered to relieve me of the need to do it myself. What I found was some did nothing at all while others seem to give relief. Yet those that gave relief did not completely clear the issue. Before long a new situation would occur that triggered the old pain and added another layer. For example, the money issue that seemed to be clearing up would return-and with a vengeance. What money did come in would quickly be spent to fix things that suddenly broke (the toilet, that new hole in the roof, a flat tire). Lord, help me!

I finally realized that my soul wasn’t going to accept anything less than full self-clearing. She wanted to learn the lesson, not have it taken away. Again, my guides had pointed the way to these well-meaning healers because they wanted me to recognize this truth for myself. So can you have someone else clear your emotional blocks for you? Sure you can, but don’t expect to receive the blessings that come from it or your soul to be satisfied with the results.

When you clear your own emotional baggage, you gain the benefit of having faced the old pain. If you continue, you’ll also discover the dysfunctional believe through which you created the issue/conflict that caused the pain and be able to change it once and for all. I gotta say that there is nothing more satisfying, more life-affirming and empowering than discovering that belief. Yep, it’s an amazing, incredible, wonderful, and awesome-you can conquer anything-feeling. Wow!

But that feeling pales in comparison to the wonder-struck feeling you have when you see your reality quickly shift. The person that you wanted to smack just hours before, the one who was making your life miserable, the one about whom you kept thinking, “If only he/she would change my life would be better,” suddenly changes. Now you want to hug them. Know why? You released them from the role they had been playing for you. You released them because you GOT THE LESSON! Hurray for you! You recognized that they were playing a role to mirror back the behavior that you were doing to yourself (your Inner Child) but could not see, (How others treat you is how you treat yourself/Inner Child).

So, do you still want someone else to clear your emotional blocks and baggage? Do you want them to get all the blessings?

If you decide after reading this message that perhaps it’s time to do your own housecleaning, but you need a little help, I and many other teachers, who have also discovered this truth, are here to help.

Emotional clearing will continue after this phase it over, but as I said in last week’s message, though it will be more intense due to the higher frequencies, the result will be even more life-changing. Clear on, my darlings, clear on. The best it yet to come.