Is Nibiru Still a Danger?

Thanks to all who passed on last week’s message about Nibiru. Seems there was much confusion about whether Nibiru had already passed or not. I didn’t address that issue in the update so I’ll do it now.

It is my understanding that Nibiru is no longer a major threat. As I wrote in previous messages, if we are lucky meaning that we’ve done enough internal emotional clearing and shifting, we won’t see much of Nibiru as she makes her circuit around the sun. If we do … and we do a lot, many wouldn’t live to tell.

The reason I say this is because anytime Nibiru is clearly visible, Earth’s magnetic field will be drawn and locked in her more powerful one. If connected long enough, Earth could be whipped around on her poles. Keeping the Sun between is what keeps us safe. Our collective emotional clearing is what determines our position (see previous messages, below, for explanation).

Nibiru has been spotted by the powerful telescope located at the Neumayer station in Antarctica, but that has been occurring for some time. Moreover, others have seen Nibiru, again mostly in the southern hemisphere. Attempts by amateur astronomers to share their photos and footage have been met, in some instances, with firm resistance. They have had their equipment, telescopes, cameras, and footage, confiscated. Here’s a link to some footage from Neumayer that is currently making its way around the Internet. Whether it is current is the question. Remember, date stamps can be changed.

Nibiru Sighting at Neumayer Station Antarctica

It is my understanding that Neumayer footage old or new, is “leaked” to the public whenever the “Powers That Be” which to create a distraction. (Something is about to go down … on a global level, that will totally change reality … for the better.)

When I asked the Nibiruans if she is outbound, I don’t get a clear yes or no. What I do get is what I’ve stated before: she is no longer a threat, meaning major threat. (Why I don’t get a clear answer about the inbound or outbound part is still a puzzle, but like many things, the answer comes later, along with the reason for delay.) That tells me that regardless of where Nibiru is, we will be mostly shielded from her magnetic field due to our orbital position.

When I say mostly shielded I mean just that. Any glimpse could create a problem such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and coastal flooding. Again, most of this will occur in the southern hemisphere in the area known as the “Ring of Fire.” There is currently activity in that area.

The good news is that what we are experiencing now is it as bad as it will be. In fact, many probabilities have been downgraded and will remain that way if we continue our “inner work.” That means that Japan will survive, as well as, New Zealand. Coastal flooding will be less than it would have been. Did you know that Japan was supposed to be underwater by now?

I am told that we will be totally out of danger by the middle part of 2014. Nibiru will be further away and we won’t see her again for another 3600+ years.

What can we do to help further mitigate Nibiru’s influence now?

Simply put, more emotional clearing. Remember, Nibiru is a catalyst for change. If we do the change on the Inner Realms, she won’t need to do it for us on the Outer (physical) Realm.