Is Anger Blocking Your Money Flow?

People often ask me how I come up with the topics for my weekly messages. Often times they come as a result of a counseling session. When I get a string of sessions with a similar topic I take that as a cue to share the solution. Moreover, I’ve come to realize that when those strings occur, it is because there are a large number of people working on the same issue at the same time. You could say they are working on a template that when done, will be available to all via the mass consciousness grid.

Right now I’m seeing a lot of work being done on anger and how it blocks the flow of money. Money is a big issue right now. You could say that we are working on templates for how to flow money even when it appears that we cannot due to the fears that are stopping us.

There are many ways in which anger can block money flow … any number of issues, too many to discuss in one weekly message. Today I’ll cover one of them.

Money flow can be blocked by anger over someone who is taking your energy and giving back very little. In other words the energy exchange is grossly imbalanced. This type of block is not easy to see when it begins, especially for those who with a humanitarian bent. The reason is because of our inherent desire to help others causes us to defend the amount of time, money and effort (energy) we are expending on that individual. Here’s an example.

I have a client that I’ll call Sherry. Sherry is one of those people that rarely ever gets angry. When people walk all over her, she cries but does not get outraged.

Sherry has been separated from her husband of 25+ years for a while now. She has been wanting to move forward with a divorce but has not because her husband is unwilling. But things changed recently when much to her surprise, Sherry discovered that the monies that would come to her from their estate had been spent. Moreover, her husband, having been found out, had stopped paying the monthly stipend that enabled Sherry to live separately. To say there is a money block would be an understatement.

So what is the solution? What does Sherry need to do to kick start the money flow and how does she do it? It all begins with her inner child.

Powerful Little Kid

All of us have an inner child, that part of us that is both innocent and yet very powerful. The inner child is powerful because he/she is capable of blocking us into a corner (in our outer world) if she feels blocked by fear that is unresolved. (See The Divine Partnership, The 3rd Key of Compassion) Ever felt like you’ve been blocked into a corner with no way out? That’s the work of your inner child.

The solution is two-fold and requires that we create a trusting relationship with our respective inner child and work with her/him to resolve the fear.

For Sherry, the big fear was having people not like or be upset with her. Sherry spent her life making others happy, recoiling at the thought of saying what she really felt if that would upset someone. Now, her husband had taken and used her savings, leaving her with no idea how she was going to survive. How did Sherry react? She didn’t get angry at him … instead she was more worried about going through a messy divorce and having him hate her for the rest of her life. Can you imagine how Sherry’s inner child felt? Let me tell ya, that little girl sure is powerfully upset and she let Sherry know it.

Sherry began experiencing health problems, two of which were blocked tear ducts and chronic diarrhoea. The eye problem was Sherry not seeing how she was blocking her rage (In the past when she did get angry, Sherry would cry instead of yell.) Now she wasn’t able to cry.

As for the diarrhoea, that was Sherry’s inner child saying that the anger was going to come out no matter what.

Once Sherry understood what her inner child was saying through the physical symptoms, she realized there was a connection. The next step was to see the mirror.

Seeing the Mirror

Sherry’s husband had disrespected her by breaking the agreement regarding their finances and then using the money without her knowledge. He was in essence, telling her that her needs were not important to him.

So what was the mirror? The mirror was that her husband’s treatment of her was the same as how she treated her inner child when it came to other people. In other words, Sherry would stifle her inner child when the child was rightfully angry in order to maintain a happy, pleasant demeanor. And when it came to dealings with her husband, she put his wants and needs ahead of her own even when it was not right or fair.

Sherry finally understood the mirror. The next step was to take action and in a way that would get results. How would that look? First she must accept responsibility for teaching her husband that her needs were secondary to his. (We teach others how to treat us). Second, speak up and say what she wants and needs, and do so without anger. To get to that point Sherry will need to do some emotional clearing.

Once those steps are taken, and the anger has been cleared, Sherry’s guides can step in and guide her through the divorce and on to a better life. She had been in limbo for years waiting for her husband to agree to a divorce so she could get on with her life.

I look forward to seeing great changes for Sherry.

In closing, if money is not flowing for you, check to see where you are holding anger … perhaps anger that you are rationalizing away. Once cleared, money will flow again.

The Divine Partnership, the 3rd Key of Compassion