In the Thick of It

Hi All,

Are ya feeling the pressure of the “last days?”  Sure seems as though we are in them now.  The insanity of it all…on one hand it can be terrifying, as if the world has gone stark raving mad…but on the other hand it is the most amazing collective experience (and opportunity) for soul evolution *integration* that a group of souls could have, don’t you think?  hmmm…

And to think this is what we signed up for when we volunteered to come to Earth to assist…

It’s been 3 years (on June 14th) since we began this new mission (Mission Restoration).  And we’ve learned a lot.  For one thing we now see how the work of the first mission, which began with the first template, created on November 9, 1996 at Estes Park, CO, was all about setting the foundation for where we are now. From that point on we spent the next 10 years traveling and creating templates for the mass consciousness grid.  At that time all we knew was that we were here to help alter the events that would occur sometime in the future. What we didn’t really realize is that we what I call, grid engineers.  We were installing blueprints in the mass consciousness grid, blueprints that would give humanity a compassion and positive way to resolve specific issues that, in times past, had led to destruction.   As we move through these times, I can now clearly see why they were needed way back then.

As for this current mission, I can also clearly see (hindsight is truly 20/20) how we have been in a cycle of working on the same issues for the past 3 years.  But it is more like a spiral, where each round gets more intense.  If you recall when we began this mission we were told of a new monetary system, the  “Summer of Blood, extreme racism, a 2nd Amercian Civil War, and the possible demise of our president.  These were events that transpired on the previous Grand Experiments and other human homewards, events for which choices were made that culminated in planetary destruction.
Are We Ready? June 25, 2017

As they say, the 3rd time is a charm and we are seeing that now.  But we have been preparing for this, with the templates we have created sine June 2017.  In some cases they were reinforcement of previous templates created in the first mission. But what I didn’t see was that in this 3rd and final round, we would be experiencing all the primary events from all 4 planetary timelines (Avyon 1, Avyon 2, Sirius B, and Maldek) playing out at the same time!  Geez!!!

As I sit here on my deck, sipping coffee and watching my dogs playing in the yard (and running rough shod through my gardens) I am one again reminded of how blessed we are to be able to observe these events knowing that there is a higher purpose and that it will all work out in the end.  This time we will be successful.


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