Hurricane Sandy: a Prophesied Event?

Tropical Storm Sandy has just been upgraded to a category 1 hurricane as I sit to write this. You might think a category 1 is not that big a threat. I would agree but Sandy is not typical. Combining with a North Easterner, Sandy is over 900 miles across; so large that her mass would cover 1/3 of the United States.

Sandy is projected to make a hard left turn that takes her right into New York City. This turn has weather experts shaking their heads in amazement; they say they have never seen anything like it. Wave heights are currently estimated at 10-20 feet–on top of a 6-11 ft. storm surge! Her slow pace and great strength will pull massive amounts of water from the ocean, pushing them against the coastline creating a wall that’s anywhere from 15 to 30 feet high. As I sat watching the news, I wondered whether this storm was a prophesied event?

Back in 2005, I was told that I would travel around to specific locations with the purpose of creating templates. These templates would serve to help alter future events on Earth’s timeline. Each of these events was tied to our ancient past and a previous human home world that was destroyed. I was informed that because the timelines of those previous worlds were now tied into Earth’s timeline, the events would still need to occur. The reason is that we need another chance to “get it right.” If we do then we move that much closer to creating a world of peace; a world we want to leave as our legacy.

One of those events was the catastrophic inundation of the northeastern coast by a wall of water. You can read about it in Mission Remembered.

I was told that there was a high probability that this wall of water would surge into the New York area causing massive, widespread flooding and damage to the power grids. I was not told how that wall of water would manifest, but now that I see Hurricane Sandy, the strange hybrid superstorm, I feel she is it.

If Hurricane Sandy is the prophesied wall of water, what is her purpose? I feel that this storm will be used to divert the focus from events that will be occurring and that would be very upsetting, creating mass unrest. Keep in mind that these are just my hunches so disregard if they don’ resonate for you.

Excuse to cancel presidential election

I have felt for some time that there may not be a presidential election. I have felt it will be delayed in some way. The reason is that it will either create an opportunity for a change in candidates or in their support team (vice presidents). It could also be used to cover the removal of specific individuals through hurricane related injury or death that would otherwise be suspect. Those being removed would be public figures that have worked for the dark PTB.

Bank holiday cover

I have been talking about a bank holiday for some time. What had not occurred to me is that a superstorm hitting the northeast could be used as an excuse to close banks…and the entire financial district during normal workday hours. It is not altogether unlikely that the storm could be used as an excuse to close due to infrastructure damage. And the banks could remained close for some time. The storm is a much better excuse than a terrorist attack.

So who is going to benefit? That’s where it gets really interesting. It could be that the dark “Powers that Be” (dark PTB) could have engineered it to cover their tracks…and they may well succeed to a point but the good guys will step in and use it to bring about the changes we are all waiting for. For example, the dark PTB want to use it as an excuse to close the banks indefinitely but the good guys will step in and use it to restructure the banks, and then reopen. So instead of the banks being closed indefinitely, they would be closed only a few days.

It appears that both sides are working hard to capitalize on the storm and it is just too soon to see who could come out on top and how.

As I wrote in 2005, I didn’t feel this event would be catastrophic (100 ft wall of water) when it occurred. The reason being that enough people would wake up and begin working towards a better–and more integrated–solution that when the time came, it would be greatly minimized. A possible 30 foot wall is much smaller than a 100 foot wall.

Regardless of whether these hunches prove to have merit, one thing is for sure–there is a power struggle going on for the control of this world. This storm may a cover for one of the final, if not the final showdown.

Remember, that we are not insignificant in our ability to impact this event. Our collective ability to focus our intention, putting our emotions into it, can help change the outcome in our favor. Let’s intend that regardless of who helped create this storm; that it only be as strong as necessary to bring about the positive changes we all desire. The Dark ultimately serves the Light.