Hurricane Sandy: A New Beginning

Superstorm Sandy is over and with over 100 death and a billion dollars in damage, her category 1 status didn’t tell the real tale of her power and might. Was Sandy the prophesied event that the Nibiruans talked of? Yes, I believe she was. What I was not sure of was whether Sandy was a man made event.

As I wrote last week, I was not certain if this event would be man made; I’m just not familiar enough with scalar wave technology to understand how it creates storms. But now I think I have my answer. There is evidence that Sandy was a man made, created with HAARP technology.

What’s also interesting is that there is evidence that something was done to lessen her strength. The worst case scenario was a 100 foot wall of water. Sandy was about 20. This confirms my feeling back in 2005 that the event would not be catastrophic. Still the effects of Sandy and the pain and suffering she has wrought will linger for years to come.

Did our efforts help?

Yes, I believe they did. The fact that Sandy’s strength was only a quarter of what was originally projected means we made a difference. All the prayers and positive energy–and all the emotional clearing has positively shift the timeline. But that’s not all. When we impact an event enought to change it, we also shift the nature of the energy involved. What that means is that instead of being energy that is negatively destructive, Sandy’s winds and waves acted more as a cleansing rain. Yes, homes were lost, and famous Coney Island is in ruins. Yet, hard as it is to accept, sometimes an area needs a change. Energy, stuck for centuries, creates a consciousness that imprints itself on the inhabitants. For example, in New Orleans, it was the consciousness of slavery that needed to be removed. I’m not yet able to fully articulate the nature of this energy because I have not lived in it; I’ll leave it to all of you who live there to tell us. What we can be assured of is that it has been cleansed.

New new New York/New Jersey area

Though I say New York/New Jersey, know that I’m only naming these two states for the sake of brevity; all the surrounding areas are included. With that said, I think we will see something wonderful emerge from this area.

Will there be an election?

Yes, I believe that there will now be an election and the results will surprise us in some way. The Northeast is the power center of the US and it has changed. What comes to mind is that Obama, if reelected, will appear to do an about-face. We will see surprising changes in policy and our financial system. I don’t know about you, but I feel as bad as it is now, it is still a new beginning. Sometimes the old must be destroyed to make way for the new.

Is it the final timeline event?

The inundation of the Northeast coast is not the last timeline event. There is still the fake first contact to be played out. But with the new energy in the Northeast, I do not feel concern about it anymore. Good days are ahead.