Higher Purpose of the movie, Thrive

After receiving numerous emails regarding the movie, “Thrive” I finally sat down and watched it. Boy was I impressed. Not only that, I realized that it signaled something very significant; a complete message of awakening. What I mean is that Foster Gamble (of the Proctor and Gamble families), has put together a message that is well-rounded, covering every aspect of our world situation, and explained in the most simplistic terms. It’s the perfect message with which to wake up humanity, and I believe that is its higher purpose.

At the same time, I realized that its timing is also significant in that it comes at the very time that a new financial system is about to be revealed. This financial system would also include the removal of the old banking establishment and Federal Reserve. (There’s obviously more to this but I won’t go into that here.) The most important thing to remember is that the new financial system would free us from being debt slaves to the rich few who have up to now controlled this world.

It would also herald the release of free energy along with the knowledge of our space brothers and sisters. What a shift that would be. I see it as the Shift of the Ages that we have been talking abou for years.

I have been following the birth pains of this new financial system for some time. It was supposed to be revealed /birthed this past Monday but was delayed … again. No one could say why, even those in very high places were scratching their heads. Watching the movie, it occurred to me why there had been repeated delays. (I could sense my guides at work. LOL) The reason is that there wasn’t yet enough people awakened or at least aware to ensure the Shift could be sustained once it occurred. Oh! Wow! A HUGE light bulb moment.

So what is the solution? We must get the message out, and do it in such a way that it is as effective as possible. What I mean is that we must use a bit of discernment. The last thing we want is for people to reject the message. So, here’s I’m going to do it.

First, I’ll make a list of all the enlightened people and groups that I know and send it out to them. For example, I’d include those on Facebook, Twitter and in Yahoo Groups. (I have 2 accounts on FB, one for my lightworker friends and one for family and those who are still very 3D.

Next, I’ll make a list of all those that are not open, but are on the verge. I’ll write a tailored message to each of them and include the link to the movie. Here is an example (the email that I sent to my nephew, Jason) .

Hey Jason,

Hope all is well in your world. Wanted to share a movie with you. It’s called Thrive. Maybe you have already seen it. If not, here it is. This movie produced by Foster Gamble (of the Proctor and Gamble families) is taking the world by storm! I totally loved it and was most grateful that a friend told me about it. Made me really think about the world we are leaving to our children.

Love you,
Aunt Joscelyn (My family calls me by my birth name)

To me, the way we approach those on the verge of opening up is most critical. The last thing we want to do is shut them down. Notice that the email didn’t request that he watch the movie nor did I request a reply. Either could easily shut someone down.

I am putting my faith in his Guides knowing that if now is the time for Jason to awaken, that it will happen. And if the movie turns out to hold the key, that’s even better. I’ll be around to answer any questions that he may have.

Finally, for those who I know are totally not ready, I’ll refrain from sending them anything. No need in creating a negative reaction and having that energy mixed in with all the good. Instead, I’ll ask their guides to bless them, and if the day comes that they are ready, they will receive the message in what ever way works.

In closing, please consider passing this message on. We are so close, we just need a little more to sustain the new reality. Everyone deserves the chance to thrive. You can watch the movie for free at: www.thrivemovement.com.