Higher Perspective on the Vegas Shootings

Here we are at the end of the Summer of Blood, as the Nibiruans refer to it.  Referencing the past “Grand Experiments in Polarity Integration, this period, from June to the end of September, (give or take a few days) was the time when both previous human home worlds experienced a civil war which then escalated into a world wide nuclear war culminating in total destruction.

Yet this time we have come through it with neither.  Yes, a civil war is occurring, but it as information war, a war for our mind.  This war is being fought via the media with the Cabal using main stream media outlets.  But thanks to the Internet and the brave freedom fighters willing to put themselves out there, the truth is being revealed through the Internet.  (Again, this war was being fought in both previous Grand Experiments but the results were far less successful.)

So we come to the end of this period still a nation, and with our president still in power, (a prerequisite).  But the Dark taken one last swipe at us in order to provoke that much needed civil war.  Yet, again it has not turned out as they intended.   In less than 24 hours the truth began to emerge as to who was responsible and what really occurred. And if that was not enough, the numbers of people who immediately turned to alternative new sites to find that truth was astounding.

But regardless of who was behind it, or why, the fact remains that many were wounded and over 55 people died. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

The Higher Purpose

Though this “blood in the streets” event was horrific, its spiritual potential is anything but.  In fact, this event contains within it the promise of something greater if we decided to reach for it.  This event could very well take us over the thresh hold providing the necessary energetic jump to get us fully into the new timeline.

So how do we do this jump?  We use the Formula of Compassion. Tomorrow night, I and my crew will blast off again for another trip to 9D consciousness where we will take the Las Vegas event through the 9 steps. Together we will create a massive concentration of high frequency compassion to send up to the mass consciousness grid. I’ll explain more on the call.

Let’s take this opportunity to use this event to secure our place on the new timeline.  What better way to ensure that the sacrifice of all those who died, were wounded and the loved ones left behind will not be in vain.


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