Higher Perspective on Syria

War drums are sounding here in the USA. Our leaders appear to be itching for another fight, this time with Syria. Footage of dead children killed by toxic gas are splashed across the television screens almost nightly. What’s the purpose? What’s really going on?

I’ve been watching what is occurring, the play-by-play, so to speak, all the while waiting for the 9D Nibiruans to share their thoughts. It finally occurred late this morning.

A Big Graduation Test

The Nibiruans inform me that there is a higher purpose to this Syrian conflict; it is a big test in that we chose it long before we incarnated. As I understand it, we did so in order to work through a dysfunctional belief that prevents us from being able to maintain peace. More on that in a bit.

The Nibiruans remind me that we went through something similar over a decade ago. Back in 2001 we experienced 9/11. As I understand it, at the time the intention of the Powers that Be (PTB) was to take a huge leap forward in their plan to enslave humanity. The next step was to create a war based on securing safety and that would require we give up all of our rights. In addition, to ensure that safety we would be corralled in a frequency fence HAARP) that would control us emotionally. With our emotions controlled and thoughts monitored, there would be little opportunity for terrorism.

Back then we were informed of these events ahead of time and did the work on both the inner and out planes. Together we changed the timeline, creating the Compassion Grid in the process. This grid gave us a way out of the frequency fence and altered the circumstances of the PTB’s plans, creating years of delays. (Full details in The Mission Remembered)

It’s 12 years later and the PTB has worked through all the delays and is ready to take us into a war that could well destroy us. But thanks to all of our work, we are also standing at the brink of a new reality of peace and prosperity. But before that new reality can fully manifest, we must cast off the shackles of that dysfunctional belief I alluded to earlier.

The Nibiruans inform me that the Syrian conflict if not peacefully resolved, would pave the way for the biblical Armageddon. Armageddon, they tell me is a repeat of an ancient series of events that led to the great galactic wars, wars that resulted in many destroyed home worlds. At the core of all these conflicts is the fear of not being able to get one’s needs met. the only way to do so is through bullying and manipulation. In other words, we need to move beyond the fear by learning to ask for what we want and being willing to compromise. Peace is sustained when everyone wins.

The Galactic Perspective

Our divine destiny is to be the peacekeepers of the galaxy, showing other races how to get their needs met without resorting to war. As explained numerous times in past articles, the US represents a microcosmic version of the galactic neighborhood. The US is not only the melting pot of the world, but of the galactic neighborhood as well. About 50% of all starseeds live there, and thus most galactic races are represented. This is why the focal point is usually on the US.

If the US can learn to negotiate and maintain peace over this current issue, it will have earned the right for a better future, not to mention help avoid further escalation towards Armageddon.

We, who are lightworkers, gridworkers and starseeds, can also help. We can help stop this conflict from escalating by continuing to work on the “Inner Planes” the origin or birthplace of anything and everything that becomes manifest. By doing our inner work, we remove anger, frustration, fear and all other negative energies from the mass consciousness. When this occurs it removes more of the fuel needed to manifest a war. If you have forgotten how, below is an article written on how to alter a timeline via the Inner Realms.

So what can you and I do right now, today, to help remove more of that war energy? We can each look at our own personal worlds and work on issues involving fear and anger over not getting our needs met. I am personally going through an issue of this nature right now and am using the Keys of Compassion to clear it. Funny, I never thought that my personal issue was my part of clearing both a national and galactic one. Yet, it make sense that we would each have one right now.

In closing, we sit at the precipice of either a new reality of peace and prosperity, or a war that could destroy us. We have proven to ourselves that we have the power to alter the future by doing the work. How it ends is up to us.