Higher Perspective on Schizophrenia

Do you recall what it was like when you first awakened? Remember how you felt when you discovered that there were people living in other realms and that you could communicate with them? Did you ever have some well-intentioned, but non awakened, friend or family member tell you that you had become schizophrenic? If so, did it leave you with a disturbing feeling that perhaps they were right? You were nothing more than crazy. This happened to Michael, a young man who came to me for help. He had been “diagnosed” by the medical establishment as schizophrenic after he had awakened.

Michael had been told that his schizophrenia was caused by his use of marijuana. When he smoked he heard voices. These were not the voices of loving higher beings; no they were terrifying voices that told him to hurt himself or others. Of course, his parents were freaked out and who could blame them? Only after a stay in a mental institution, and the decision to give up marijuana, was he able to stop the voices.

Michael gave up the spiritual path for several years after that harrowing experience, but as he learned, the call to a higher purpose comes around again. Michael wanted to understand why he heard the voices after opening up, and how to reopen the connection without that happening again.

Prewired for Communication

In the nearly 20 years of counseling starseeds and walk-ins, I’ve learned that most come to earth prewired for psychic communication. It’s one of the reasons that I can have them communicating with their guides in less than 2 hours. But the degree to which they are able to connect varies. Using the analogy of wiring for an internet connection, some have the equivalent of dial up, while others have DSL or cable. But there are those few who have what I call the ultimate connection or T1 wiring. T1 wiring is equivalent to a pipeline and is used by companies. People with this type of psychic wiring have a bigger and faster connection making it easy for them to connect. Michael has a T1 connection.

The Dark Layer

Before I go further I need to explain something. There is a dark layer of energy that surrounds our planet. This layer (I call it the Dark Layer) is formed from all of the negative thoughts and emotions expressed by humanity. The Dark Layer attracts dark entities that feed from it. This layer can be accessed at will. For example shamans will go there in order to help someone possessed by an entity. But we can also access it without meaning to do so.

Drugs and the Dark Layer

When we travel out of our bodies with the use of drugs, we may encounter this layer more often than not. Why is that? It has been my experience that we do so because the drug has opened a doorway to this layer. The reason it most often because we used the drug to escape some form of pain. Pain is the result of resisting what is. We resist out of fear. So the drug opened the door to the Dark Layer because fear is what determined its vibrational course. I hope this makes sense.

This is why I was encouraged by the Nibiruans to discontinue my recreational use of marijuana when I first began my mission training. It wasn’t that using marijuana was bad; I just wasn’t skilled enough in psychic work to use to properly. And even today, if I were to use it, I would have to do so knowing full well that if I am doing so as a distraction from pain, I will most likely have to navigate through this layer on my journey to the other side.

Back to Michael.

Not knowing how to break through, when using pot with that powerful T1 line type of connection, Michael shot straight into the Dark Layer and became stuck. The pain he was running from attracted entities who began whispering in his ear. Because he didn’t know how he got there or how to get out, and without knowing how to stop the entities, he fell under their control.

T1 Connection and Schizophrenia

It’s been my experience that people with a stronger connection to the other side are more prone to be diagnosed as schizophrenic. I believe this is because our society is firmly entrenched in the idea that there is only one life, one reality and no other living beings in all of creation. To speak or to see people in another realm is, well—crazy! I have found that these people are not crazy; they just have a stronger ability to connect with other realms. Yet, without proper education, this amazing ability, this gift often becomes a curse. I wanted Michael to understand that his ability is not crazy; it’s just that our society doesn’t understand it. With training and education, Michael can explore the other realms in safety.

In closing, as we continue to move beyond the old 3d beliefs around other lives and realms, we will change our belief about those who can easily access them. It is my belief that schizophrenia is something other than a mental illness; it is a mental ability that is misunderstood.