Higher Perspective on Obama Reelection and Our Future

The recent presidential election was one of the most hotly contested in US history; not only for what it means to Americans, but for the rest of the world as well. President Obama was reelected by a narrow margin (you could say he retained his presidency by the skin of his teeth). Whether you are happy or sad, there is something I want you to remember–all is not what it seems.

As the Nibiruans explained several months ago, good things will come of this though it may not appear to be that way right now. In the weekly message, Higher Perspective on Global Economy and Obama’s Role , the Nibiruans stated that along with Obama being reelected, there was a very good chance that he would do a flip flop, meaning he has had a major change of heart and therefore is going to reverse many of his decisions and policies.

Note: For those wondering how the Nibiruans would know this, allow me to digress for a moment to explain for those new to my weekly messages. The Nibiruans are not magicians; they are time travelers/healers. If you go back and read the yearly perspectives you will find a common phrase, “As we project out along the timelines, we see…” What they are doing is looking at where the energy is most concentrated on the future timelines. Considering that they have been correct many times, I’m banking on them.

So what would a flip flop look like? When I asked the Nibiruans for clarification, this is what I received:

  1. A major change in the healthcare package. In particular a new ruling that healthcare would be optional. This would occur due to people finally realizing that all unity and no diversity really means we give up personal rights for the good of the whole. I’m not going to go off on a tangent here, but I want Lightworkers to realize that praying for unity and oneness–without a dose of diversity thrown in–leads to what our president is doing, taking away our individual rights. Example: The Healthcare package.
  2. There will a change in power seats around Obama. It will appear as if the President has betrayed those that long supported him. Actually, he will be ridding himself of those that have controlled him to the detriment of the nation.
  3. The Federal Reserve will be dismanteled and we will switch to US Treasury notes.
  4. A major change in foreign policy regarding the Middle East. I see that Isreal will back off and stop threatening Iran. The US will back off on supporting a war with Iran. We will see Middle Eastern nations begin to resolve ancient differences.
  5. The US will move forward in supporting Iraq’s revalue of her currency and helping her to rebuild.

There are several other things, but I am told that there are too many pieces still unsettled to talk about them yet.

As the Nibiruans remind us, each nation’s leader acts as a mirror for the consciousness of its people. President Obama is the mirror for America. As we move to take on great responsibility for ourselves, letting of our fears, our president will do the same for the country. We have always had the real power, but we gave it away to those all too willing to take it and use it against us. What we have seen these last 11 years since 9/11 was a very blatant removal of our power; blatant enough to get us to wake up and reclaim it.

In closing, be prepared for more startling changes, but in ways that work for us.