Higher Perspective on Gulf Oil Spill

Bad news about the oil spill in the gulf continues to grow along with its size. The projected devastating impact on the gulf coast is well–the word alarming barely scratches the surface. Though many industries are going to be affected, those who depend on fishing are really in trouble. Though my heart aches for all those fathers who go to bed each night with hearts full of fear, I realize there is a bigger plan at work.

For those affected by the oil spill, there is a plan to survive it … to thrive. It takes tapping into our inner guidance, then following the signs. I wish I could teach that to everyone who is being affected. On that note, I did tune in as ask the 9D Nibiruans for their take on this situation. I was informed that the oil spill is going to help bring forth the new technologies that would have been repressed for years to come. When that occurs, the oceans will be cleaned up and in better condition than before. The reason being that the cleanup will also take care of previous pollution. They further explained that it takes something this extreme to move the “powers that be” because they are bogged down in their own form of bureaucracy. Their system is predicated on deeply ingrained unbalanced beliefs–these allow them to play their role in the Universal Game of Polarity Integration … in other words, play the Dark role.

Additionally, when they move to release this technology … which I’m told they have had for some time, they will have the wherewith all to make it happen very quickly … and on a massive scale. This is something many would find hard to do because we don’t have the resources for such an endeavor. So, there is an upside to having most of the financial and other resources under one group’s control.

In short, the leakage will continue for a short time until it reaches the point that will force the “powers that be” to take action. Once that occurs the healing will begin and it will go fast. Time will be of the essence. That’s all the 9D Nibiruans had to say.

I find that after 10+ years, their take is still as accurate as ever and I am reminded of how grateful I am that they share their wisdom with me. I marvel at how I can be so filled with anxiety and fear one minute but then find I am in total peace once I hear their message. I hope this perspective brings you the peace of mind that it did me.