Healing the Root of Cancer

This week’s topic is shared with a heavy heart. Ellen, (not her real name) was recently informed by her doctor that she is dying of cancer and has only 3 months to live. After traditional medical protocols failed, and not yet ready to call it quits, Ellen had decided to seek alternative solutions. With so many options available, she wanted her Guides to help her determine the best way to proceed.

When I tuned in to her guides, asking for answers, I was not given any. Instead, I was shown a woman standing in a pillar of flames. Hmmm …

Reluctant to share this vision, yet mindful of my agreement to do so I revealed what I was given. “Ellen, I said, “Your Guides didn’t give me answers about treatment; instead they showed me a vision. Do you want to know what it is?”

“Yes, of course.” Ellen replied.

“The vision is of a woman standing in a pillar of flames.” I responded. Continuing on I said, “The feeling I get from that is one of helpless rage. Does that make sense to you and if so, why?” I asked.

Ellen proceeded to tell me how she has spent many years in politics, working in Washington DC and on Capitol Hill. A passionate advocate for freedom, Ellen was easily provoked to rage when she learned of yet another way the government was destroying our country and stealing our liberty. Ellen, in her own words said she was obsessed with this fight. Listening to her talk about how upset she was about the government, and feeling the anger rise as she did so, the vision from her guides now made perfect sense.

Ellen was dying from many years of chronic helpless rage. This is why her guides chose not to focus on which drugs or vitamins to take; they knew the solution was not to be found there. The solution was to go back to the root of the disease, to the belief(s) that started it. So we worked on those beliefs, giving Ellen higher dimensional beliefs (see the Keys of Compassion) to overlay the dysfunctional 3D ones that caused her to live in a near constant state of helpless rage. After working with her to understand the new beliefs, Ellen realized that what she believed was bad and wrong, actually had a purpose and thus, a right and need to exist. Her body’s response was immediate. Ellen felt the tension in her abdomen release and a weight fall from her shoulders. How wonderful not to have to be angry, to feel powerless helpless rage over something that she could not control.

The other half was to do an emotional detox. Not really understanding the difference, Ellen said in a rather irritated voice, “I’ve been doing detoxes for the last 4 years detoxing. How much more can there be to do?”

As the guides explained, it wasn’t a physical detox that was needed but rather an emotional detox. As it was shown to me, the pillar of flames represented her auric field/emotional body that was filled to overflowing with rage. (Flames are symbolic of rage; the brighter and more intense the flames, the more intense and toxic the stored rage.) A new way of thinking can go a long way towards healing, but that effort is minimized by the stuffed rage. In order to have a chance to cure her cancer, Ellen needed to focus on clearing out the rage from her emotional body. Once that was done, the vitamins and plant-based remedies, aided by the new beliefs, would enable Ellen to bring her body back into balance, eliminating the cancer.

This all made sense to Ellen. Trying new alternative medical protocols would not be able to be fully effective if her emotional field was still packed with rage. We ended the conversation with a discussion on doing an Emotional Clearing Retreat. Being in a safe place (my home) where she could fully vent the rage without fear of others judging was just what she wanted. (And I enjoy doing them; it’s the most fulfilling part of my work.)

In closing, if you re someone you know is suffering from cancer and feel they have no way to heal, please consider the Guides suggestion of detoxing the emotional body. As we have learned, cancer cannot survive in a body filled with compassion, peace and light.