Have You Completed Your DNA Recoding?

September 23rd was a significant day for me. It was significant in that I received an answer to a problem that seems to be facing so many people as they struggle through their lives trying to perform daily tasks and, at the same time, fullfill their spiritual missions.

Over the past few months, many of us have been struggling with our fears and emotional blocks. There have been times when we wanted to give up, but then we realized that there was no place to go. We came to Earth to do a job, and that job is what makes our hearts sing, so for us there is no other place to go but off the planet. As a result we are left with feelings of near hopelessness. As the frequency of the planet continues to increase, we feel the weight of our remaining emotional baggage weighing us down more and more with the result being very painful at time, both emotionally and physically.

In addition, our contact with our guides seems erratic at best, and the messages are not clear sometimes. It feels as though we are still trying to complete our mission in physical bodies whose circuitry is mis-wired. This causes our guidance systems to be messed up. For many, the emotional wiring in their bodies still seems to be wired through the mental center instead of the heart center. As a result, they are not sure whether it is their Soul giving them guidance or their Ego.

If you feel that you are having some of the above mentioned challenges, then let me ask you two questions:

  • Did you complete the recoding of your DNA with a Genetics Engineer?
  • Did you complete the Recoding chart found in “We are the Nibiruans” Book One (also the DNA Chart Booklet)?

If not, then it is possible that your challenges in clearing your emotional blocks and completing your Earth mission, are due to the fact that your DNA wiring is still mis-wired.

The Second Chakra Connection

One of the most common mis-wirings is in the second chakra area. The second chakra wiring is disconnected for most people on Earth. This disconnection occurred around 3400 BC. This blocks you from spiritual maturation or evolution.

Another way of saying it is that the second chakra disconnection hampers your ability to clear blockages around the opposite sex and sexuality because the second chakra (sexual chakra) wiring is unplugged.

The second chakra represents not only the male/female block, but also the Light/Dark polarity or block. It is the most important chakra involved in soul evolution and ascension. All other chakra clearing is dependent on the clearing of this chakra through the integration of the male/female and Light/Dark polarities. Furthermore, it is through this chakra, that one becomes unconditionally loving, and reaches the consciousness of compassion.

In addition, the second chakra wiring is connected to the psychic (endocrine) glands. If your second chakra is clogged, due to disconnection, then so are your psychic glands. This causes you to not be able to clearly hear your guides or your Soul.

The second chakra disconnection also blocks the activation of your Mer Ka Ba. It severely limits your ability to clear the blockage in this chakra thus keeping you from lightening your frequency.

As discussed in We are the Nibiruans Book One, the Mer Ka Ba is activated when the body frequency reaches a certain level of vibration. Your vibration cannot increase unless you are clearing out the blockages. A Genetics Engineer can correct the mis-wiring. That is why we were given the DNA Recoding, Reconnection and Activation process two years ago.

As part of my assignment, I completed the DNA Recoding process back in September of 1996. As a result, I am able to see and hear very clearly. So even though I am still clearing and going through my stuff, it is a little easier because I am not cut off from my guides and I know when my Soul is talking and when it’s my Ego. I cannot begin to tell you how good this feels! It is the difference between going through life able to see and hear and being blind and deaf.

My husband Jonathan, on the other hand, has not completed recoding yet. As a result he is in almost daily emotional and physical pain. The full moons, the time of the frequency boosts, are getting harder for him to get through. His whole body aches and he ends up bedridden from fatigue for most of the day before and after the full moon. Jonathan is either highly emotional during that time or he is lost in the deep darkness of depression.

As the frequency on the planet continues to rise, the weight of our emotional blockages will begin to cause us more emotional and physical pain due to their density.

Jonathan tries to talk with his Soul and guides, but is having trouble in receiving the answers. He is frustrated, angry and hovers on the brink of hopeless, and having a mis-wired physical vehicle only makes it worse.

As soon as he manages to clear an issue, he inevitably recreates it by following his Ego (fear) instead of his Soul (love). This happens because his guidance systems are malfunctioning due to his emotional wiring being routed through the head (Ego), instead of the heart (Soul).

As the Ancient Ones, (Lightworkers, Starseeds, & Walk-ins) this is cause for alarm. We all came to show the people of Earth, the way back to the Light. If we quit, we will have failed them and ourselves.

Two days ago, I was talking with Devin. I asked him why this was happening. He gave me the answer by sending me to a bookstore to find a The Ancient Ones, the Mission Remembered. by Reigie. It talks about our mission, and us (you and I). Though the author sees things from a point of polarity, the information about us, and our mission, is accurate.

I would encourage you to get a copy of this book and read it. I think you will find, as I have, that we have overlooked a valuable piece of assistance, and that is the completion of our DNA recoding. Without it we cannot hope to successfully complete our missions, because we are walking around in crippled, physical vehicles, due to mis-wiring.

I bring this to your attention in an attempt to assist you in your efforts to move forward with your mission, and to find joy and peace while doing so. It is not my intention to admonish you in any way. If there is any admonishment due, it would be for myself for getting away from the DNA recoding because I was going too fast in moving forward on my mission. I had been reprimanded, by the Council, for going too fast and therefore began to shy away from talking about the advanced information that I continued to receive. I was told that people could not keep up the pace and therefore were beginning to reject the advanced information. I was informed that I was giving them too much information too quickly. So I shied away from talking about recoding for fear of more rejection. I apologize for this and urge you to take care of yourselves by going back and completing your DNA Recoding (rewiring). I am here to assist you in any way I can.

The DNA Recoding & Reconnection Chart

The Recoding Chart in Part Three of Book one was given by the Genetics Engineers to assist us in pinpointing what has been reconnected (rewired) and what is still left to be completed.

When working with the chart, use muscle testing to see if each DNA strand (wire) is connected to each of the glands in the endocrine system . If you have someone who understands the process, and can see and hear efficiently, ask them to check the chart for you. I would not recommend doing it on yourself as most of us are not able to be completely objective about ourselves.

If you need help with the chart please let me know. I provide DNA Recoding Coaching sessions for this purpose.

Once again, we have found that we cannot stop spiritually advancing because most of the world is not ready for it. We, as the Ancient Ones, must move forward and prepare ourselves to assist them when they are ready. As I understand it, recoding our DNA or rewiring our circuitry is one of the necessary steps. It is one of the ways we were to be given assistance from our friends and loved ones who are now our guides. They stayed home when we left to come to earth. They know we cannot successfully complete our work if are walking around in crippled vehicles with our guidance and communication systems malfunctioning.

So take heart, my beloved brothers and sisters. This may be the answer to our increasing pain and feelings of slow progress.

Love to you all,

Jelaila, Messenger, and your sister, from the Galactic Federation’s Nibiruan Council