Harnessing Abundance

For those of you who follow the weekly messages, you know that learning just how the inner world works has been a major focus. In fact, it was the primary focus during basic training for my mission. The reason the guides focused so much on the inner world is because they knew that is where we create our reality. When we know how to harness the power of our minds while using our emotions to express specific high frequencies (gratitude, appreciation, joy, etc.), we can literally change our reality. And with time having sped up it can happen even faster now–in a matter of hours.

Today’s message is about a couple of tips I’ve learned to change my experience of abundance, both monetary and otherwise.

If You Think It You’ll Create It … In About 36 hours

Having been raised by parents who were chronic worriers, I learned early to be fearful. It’s been a life-long struggle to change from worrying to faith but I feel I’m closer to it than ever before. Even in the midst of the many sh-t storms that I’ve experienced (along with most of us on the ascension path) in the last couple of years, I’ve noticed how fast I come out of them when I apply this tip.

When I find myself struggling, regardless of the reason, I remind myself that whatever I’m feeling and thinking will manifest within about 36 hours. The reason is that, again, time has sped up. (We are living 24 hours in 16 hours now.) What used to take about a week to manifest now takes about 36 hours or less. Test it and you’ll see. Having tracked it numerous times, I am confident in knowing that I’ll attract into my life the manifestation of my thinking/feeling 2 days ago. This knowing is the little kick in the pants that I need to force a shift if I’m feeling down or negative.

Have a Go-To Plan

Now, coming out of a negative mood can be tough so I have a go-to plan of action. I begin by listening to a playlist of happy music. If that doesn’t do the trick, I get out of the house and go walk at one of my favorite parks. Being out in the sunshine and around people, especially children playing, helps lift my spirits. And if those two actions don’t fully get the job done, I call a friend.

You may find that there are other things that work for you; the key is to have an action plan for when you are down and use it to catapult yourself back into a positive state. Remember, 36 hours …

Gratitude: the Strongest Magnetizer

Like most of you, I’ve been told that gratitude helps create positive change, but being a person who needs to understand the nuts and bolts of how that works, I decided to test it. Using the 36 hour rule, I tracked the results of expressing various positive emotions. What I found was that gratitude produced the best results.

Next I decided to do a 10 challenge: 10 Days of Gratitude. Each day I’d write down something that I could really, really feel grateful for. (You see that is the key to using gratitude, the stronger your excitement and appreciation, the more powerful the magnetization.)

At the end of the 10 days I had tracked several powerful manifestations one of which was a financial windfall. Encouraged by the results I went further and began a 30 day challenge. Again, the results were phenomenal. Not only did I see an increase in my business, I had a very nice financial windfall and a long-standing family issue was healed.

Just recently I completed a second 30-day gratitude challenge. Again, an increase in business, a financial windfall and further healing of both a relationship and health issue. I did not experience this degree of manifestation with other emotions, although they were good.

In closing, experience has shown me that harnessing abundance in all its forms is easier when we focus on gratitude. And making sure that we choose something that really makes us feel excited and appreciative increases the drawing power. At this time when we are all being hit with intense challenges, gratitude is a great way to move us through them and on to better things.