Guide Communication and the Heart Brain Connection

Hi All,

As we await our next template assignment in the new phase of Mission Restoration, I thought I’d begin work on one of the other tasks–guide communication.  As stated on the site, Guide communication (talking with your Guides and Angels) is easier than you may think.  We all have been doing it, we all have the equipment and its been operating in the background since the day we were born.

The challenge is that we just don’t know how we are doing it. Why? Because we have not been taught that knowledge, and if we did somehow stumble upon it, the social/religious beliefs against using it deterred most.

Though this call will not be the formal Guide Communication training I offer, it is a piece that I feel everyone should know regardless.  It’s about the heart brain, the neural network in the heart or high heart and what it does.  I’m providing a couple of links that do a good job of explaining it’s 3D function and I hope  you will have the time to check them out.

But what I’m going share with you tonight is how your Soul uses it…oh yes, and you’ll be amazed.

Greg Braden on Heart Brain Harmony

Heart-Brain Communication Research paper –

Speak later on the compassion creator call.


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