Good Manifesting–It’s All In the Details

My thanks again to all who had sessions with me this week. The teachings we receive from your guides are sometimes so powerful that I feel I should be paying as well. The theme of this week’s sessions was about good manifesting; in other words manifesting so that the outcome meets, or even exceeds, what you desired.

Each of my clients were struggling with this issue in one way or another. It was not that they couldn’t manifest, it was that their manifestations didn’t match the vision they had in their minds. What we learned is that pinpointing exactly what we want is more the problem than actually adding details. I’ll explain a personal example.

Kait and Byram

As some of you know, I have roommates (roomies). Having roommates was a decision I made shortly have my father died. Making a framily (friends who are like family) was my ultimate goal, but I couldn’t see that when I began 5 years ago. At first I wanted roommates to fill the emptiness, but not too personal. Consequently I drew short term corporate renters, or people in transition who just needed a place for a short time and were gone a lot. After about a year this type of roomie was no longer a fit because I had recovered from the loss of my dad. Time to adjust the details …

The new criteria was for 1 roommate who would be someone with whom I could emotionally relate (we could have great talks about life) and the other would be someone who would be gone several days out of the month. (I still wasn’t ready for 2 roomies who were here 7 days a week.) This worked for about three years.

It took me till this past April to finally be ready for my ultimate situation. Sitting on the deck last evening drinking wine with my roomies, Byram, an IT specialist from Russia said, “I feel like I have known you both for one hundred years. I am so happy to live here.” Nodding my head in agreement, I thought how happy I was and how glad to have found my framily.

In closing, good manifesting is something that we all can do once we know what we really want. Through the process of elimination we find the details that make our visions manifest in a way that feels so right.

Big hugs to you all, and a superfantastic week!