Global Update – February 2013

Thanks for all the emails letting me know that you missed getting a message last week. Some thought I was sick *chuckling* I wasn’t ill, just wanted to take a week off.

Have you been following the happenings around the globe? I have. Much is about to shift on numerous fronts. Both the Dark and Light are moving forward in bringing about events. Below are some links to research. Keep in mind that the Dark ultimately serves the Light and therefore must be allowed to play its cards.

Gun control in the US, along with Obamacare are two of those cards. Only when the Dark plays cards that totally remove all rights, will people finally wake up. I see that happening now. This tells me we are close to the end of this grand universal game and soon we will begin moving in the opposite direction–back to freedom.
One could say the 3rd dimension and it’s systems are disappearing, to be replaced by new ones.

Some interesting links:

Iraqi Dinar revalue – check out archives

Posted by Wall Street Journal (to get people to sign up for their newsletter) Top Currencies Report

US Gun Control–and resistance

The Resistance Begins: New York Gun Owners Refuse to Register; Largest Act of Civil Disobedience in State History

Sheriff Responds To Piers Morgan’s Collectivism

1100 Special Forces Sign Letter Against any form of Gun Control

Sandy Hook Hoax

A Great roundup of the evidence that Sandy Hook was a hoax. Most people in this country are in the dark about this false flag attempt designed to get people to give up their right to carry guns.

The Strategy Behind Tuscan, Aurora and Sandy Hook

Now is the time we must all take the time to do our research so that we know what is really going on. Knowledge is power.