Global Redistribution of Power Begins

The Mayan Calendar shows that on Feb. 11, 2011 we entered the Universal Underworld, the 9th and final level of consciousness evolution. I don’t know about you but it sure has begun with a bang with the redistribution of power happening on a global scale. One middle eastern country after another has begun the process of removing their old dictatorships, a form of government that can no longer be energetically supported.

This is the time when we must balance our personal and national power. This is the time when we must reclaim the powers and begin shouldering the responsibilities of that power that we have given away. We must also let go of what was not ours to hold.

We also see this redistribution occurring here in the US. Beginning with the great state of Wisconsin, one state after another is jumping on this bandwagon, attempting to balance their fiscal budgets by altering benefits given to state employees. Government workers make more and have better benefits than those doing the same job in the private sector and we, the American taxpayers pay for it. It’s been a gross imbalance that we have endured for many decades.

Of course, the state employees are not happy about this but once again, as we move into this final level of consciousness evolution, this imbalance can no longer be supported. If this redistribution of power continues we may eventually see the US finally have a balanced budget. We will also see a country of citizens that feel empowered and inspired to do and be their best. I’d like to live long enough to see that.

As with any change, those affected must face some of their biggest fears, losing one’s job is a big fear! To each of you reading this, may I suggest the following.

  1. You already have a plan to get through this transition, it’s on your Life Blueprint (your road map through life created before you incarnated).
  2. Ask your guides to show you the way. You could say something like, “Okay, Guides, that door is closing, that job is going away. Show me the new door and give me as many signs as it takes for me to recognize it.”
  3. Follow the signs.

These steps are the same for any transition, whether it be personal, or as in the Middle East, a total change in government. We have plans in place for this time both personally and socially, we simply need to ask our Guides to help us recognize and implement them.