Getting Back on Track

Like many of you, when asking the Guides for my purpose, I was informed that I was here to help humanity through the coming changes. That answer was given many years ago … over a decade ago. Now those times are here–and we are each doing our best to live and work in the midst of them all. living them.

Someone, can’t recall their name right now, stated recently that it appears the 3 timelines of 3D, 4D and 5D have merged into one and we are living on that merged timeline now. It’s another way of explaining overlapping dimensions and how each of us is determining in which timeline or dimension to reside. The way to get onto the higher timeline is through altering one’s vibration, i.e., ascension.

This is done through clearing out the old emotional baggage via emotional clearing. As the old lower vibrating energies of anger, resentment, shame, and guilt are transmuted into compassion, we reclaim another piece of ourselves and our power. At the same time we lighten our vibration or frequency. But do to so requires seeing the past events in which the baggage was created and is still locked, from a higher perspective. This perspective allows us to see that we were the creator of the event no matter how painful, and as such we created it for a reason. Once the reason is understand and the lesson learned, we move on more whole and complete, vibrating more light.

Working to get on that higher timeline has been my focus for many years. Once in a while I get sidetracked and must figure out that I’ve done so. That is what has been happening for the last few months and why you have not heard from me in the last two weeks.

Part of the higher timeline is financial prosperity and all that can be accomplished when one has ample funds to do so. Like some of you, I have been guided to opportunities that would provide that prosperity. But, in following the events that would lead to the manifestation of those funds, I got over-focused on world events.

The last few months have seen most of my weekly messages devoted to updating you on world events…and you have witnessed some of the backlash I received. It got to the point that I became disheartened with this work and wanted to quit. In fact, I fully believed that the barrage of negative feedback, combined with the drop in session requests and sales were all signs that my work was pretty much done. All I needed now was another way to support myself so I could move on. Of course that was not the case at all–as I was soon to learn.

The way I had it calculated, April 1 would be the day of deliverance from work that for all intents purposes appeared to be finished. I’d send out a message letting everyone know that that they had 1 month to download articles and any other material they wanted from the website. After that the website would be taken offline. I gotta admit I was pretty excited about that.

Mid March came and with it an unsettling turn of events. One of my primary investments had been caught in the massive cyber attack that rocked the Internet, taking down many servers. Yet, even with that I remained hopeful that my deliverance would not be delayed. Yet when April 1st arrived my investment did not come through. Needless to say, I felt more than let down, I felt blindsided!

Having already emotionally disengaged from this work, I just didn’t have the desire to get fired up again. Instead, I focused on the investments and carefully followed them looking for some shred of evidence that my deliverance was still at hand. As the days wore on, I found it harder to get up each day and soon realized that I was back in the pit of depression I had finally pulled myself out of only 4 months before (recovering from a suicide loss). Not fully recognizing the real cause, I attributed it to another layer of pain being cleared around my brother’s death. I continued to believe this until a few days ago when I began to sense that something else was going on.

Last Wednesday was one of the worst days with the depression and the darkness continued to deepen. I canceled social engagements and stayed home because I was so tired and I couldn’t trust myself not to burst into tears.

I help run a networking group on Thursday nights; it’s something I don’t miss. Last Thursday I made myself attend, partially in hopes that getting out of the house would help. I could not hide the pain I was in. Breaking down in tears I revealed to a friend the truth about the depression and asked her to help me locate a therapist. I did so because, after a talk with my mother that morning, I feared I had triggered the family legacy and might follow in my brother’s footsteps. Yep, it was pretty bad.

Yesterday afternoon was the turning point. I was out at the park walking the dogs. Noticed I felt no joy when that is what is normally feel. How can one not feel joy watching their dog happily running around, sniffing and playing? That’ when it hit me; I had gotten off track with my purpose. In my desire to move into the higher timeline I had lost sight of what I still had to do to make that happen. Yes, I was to get involved with the investments but not make them my focus. I was to continue my work until they paid out. Only then would I be free to move on. In my desire to see that transpire I got off track with the weekly messages. Instead of remaining focused on emotional clearing, I began reporting of world events. The negative backlash was due in part to not honoring my contract. Not realizing this, I became disenchanted and so focused on my deliverance as a way to deal with the pain. Soon it became a vicious cycle. I had made a major misstep. I had no one to blame but myself.

Finally understood why that was happening. I had gone off base; gotten away from the work I was supposed to be doing. I was supposed to be focusing on emotional clearing, writing messages that helped us all stay focused, centered and grounded through these chaotic times. Instead, I got caught up in the chaos, focusing on what was happening around the world. Not my job.

Today I awoke and immediately noticed that the near crippling sadness and emptiness were gone. I am back on track, back on purpose. Just wanted you to know.

One last thing. For those involved in the investments of which I speak, will they fund? In my opinion, absolutely. What I have learned is that these blessings were sent so that I would know that when my work was done, the rewards I was promised would be there. So I will continue to follow their progress; I just won’t make them my main focus.