Galactic Peacekeeper 101: The Art of Negotation, Agreements and Apologies

Hi Everyone,

As promised, the new Galactic Peacekeeper 101 workshop is now open! You can reserve your spot using one of the two links below. I look forward to working with you in this first ever workshop on how to create win/win relationships where all parties feel satisfied because their needs are getting met.

And for those ready to end the pain of having old issues thrown up in their face regardless of how many times you apologized, I am honored to be able to share the multidimensional knowledge of how to deliver an apology that thoroughly and permanently eliminates  the pain, bringing peace and goodwill back to the relationship.

But beyond using these skills for personal needs, we have a divine destiny that will require them as well. Not only will we have to resolve conflicts between humans, we will be working to resolve conflicts between species, many of which are so ancient and systemic that entire peoples are threatened with extinction. So, as you can see, learning these two skills are timely, on the personal, global and galactic levels.

It all begins this coming Thursday, August 27, 2020.


Workshop details:

When: August 27, 2020
Time: 12noon US Central Daylight Time, 1pm EST/11am MT/10am PST
Where: By phone
For more details, click here.
To reserve your spot, click here.