Galactic Alignment – What really happened, and why?

It’s December 31, 2012. Can you believe it, we are at the end of the much anticipated (and dreaded) year 2012? And we survived it! Not much seemed to occur, at least not on the surface. Did that galactic alignment happen? Did the universal cycle complete? Like you, I’m awaiting information from the astronomers regarding the actual planetary line up, but even if all the planets didn’t actually line up, I still felt something–a surreal sense of being in “No Time” as though we are floating through a dreamscape.

Don’t know about you but I spent this holiday season in a rather unusual way. Instead of getting into it and decorating the house, buying tons of presents and partying like there’s no tomorrow, I declined all but a few holiday invitations and stayed home. And sleep, boy did I sleep!

The funny thing about all of this is that as I stayed cocooned in my house, I was very aware of the world continuing on in its unusual manner. I talked on the phone to family and friends. I went to the store and once, when I began feeling a bit too house-bound, bundled the dogs into the back seat and drove around a while. (It’s been really cold here in the Midwest so walks were out of the question for my 10lb. little buddies).

If I’m not the only one that feels this sense of “no time” then perhaps we truly are into the Photon Band/Galactic Superwave. Being in that energy would give us a sense of no time.

If we are in “no time” then we should expect to see some very interesting things. First, we should begin to see our current dysfunctional systems take their final tumble. Are you aware that the world is supposed to be returning to the gold standard tomorrow, per the International Monetary Fund? If that is true then we can expect to see a quick end to the “Fiscal Cliff” drama. In fact, it will become clear that all the supposed debating was simply political posturing in order to delay until the global reset takes place.

So where will that reset leave us? Well–I suspect we will begin to see a lot of good changes occur; the ones we have talking about for years.

Back to the alert about the Galactic Alignment that was sent out last week. Decided to do some tuning in to the Nibiruans, hoping for at least a little clarity (and an explanation as to why I was to send it).

What I received was that the ancient cultures and mystics wrote from the perspective of what they had experienced (cataclysms, 3 days of darkness, etc) in their time, and their prophecies were based on those experiences. They had no way of telling us what our time would be like–because they had not experienced a galactic cycle completing at the same time as a universal cycle. So they wrote … and prophesied from the perspective of their experiences. Ohhhhhh…

What we are experiencing now is a much easier transition. I believe that is due to our planet being in a higher vibration while, at the same time, all these cycles are ending. If we have indeed crossed the galactic equator/entered the Photon Band and completed a universal cycle then of course we would experience “no time”. Moreover, if all this is correct then what the Nibiruans told me over a decade ago will be true.

Back in 1997 they informed me that if we were successful in our missions, our transition into the new reality would have minimal impact. Nibiru’s passing would simply act as a catalyst for change (consciousness wise) rather than a cause of earth cataclysms. So far that has been correct. The California is still intact, along with the Northeast Coastline, and the US is not divided by an inland sea. And, we have not lost Japan yet even though the Nibiruans still say she might not make it. (That means more work on our part to ensure that Japan stays above the waves.) As for the days of darkness, looking back, I realize the Nibiruans never once spoke of it. From my experience, if they don’t talk about something, they don’t consider it a viable possibility.

So why did the Nibiruans want me to put out that alert? They wanted us to understand just how unique and special this time was–a universal cycle has never been experienced by humankind before!

Here’s the last bit of the answer … and a part that really makes my heart sing. If we were successful, the ancient prophecies would simply have acted as a gauge or measuring stick for how far we had come and how successful we had been.

So today, though I feel a bit beat up (lots of angry responses over last week’s message), I’ve got a new sense of hope–hope that we are truly making it and that perhaps that is what is really going on, and why. If so, then I’ll be around for some time to come as I intend to with as this new reality takes form.

A big hug and happy new year to you all,