From Hope to a Quantum Shift

Thanks for all the great feedback on last week’s message, Keeping Hope Alive. In today’s message I share an example of how things can quickly shift once you decide that no matter what, you are going to survive … and keep your hope alive.

Quantum Shift

As I wrote last week, the struggle to keep hope though everything has fallen apart, is one that many of us face right now. When it seems that life is against you, it is easy to lose hope. What I learned is that it is in times like these our soul achieves a quantum leap of spiritual growth, or quantum shift as I call it. You could say that the soul orchestrates these situations for that very purpose. No pain, no gain, so to speak.

I experienced the shift just hours after I wrote last week’s message. The best way I can describe it was that I saw the sun break through the darkness that surrounded me. I could clearly see I had created that darkness and why. But most important was that now that I knew, and had immediately taken the necessary steps, I would be okay. Things would work out now … no need to stress.

Now, I’ve had those quantum shifts before and the process to achieve them seems to be the same. Unfortunately we forget how we achieved those shifts; because of this, we feel like we are walking blind as we move through them. It’s my hope that sharing what happened, you’ll be able to see the steps and make navigating to your shift a bit easier.

Holding on to the point of energetic bankruptcy.

The first part of getting to a quantum shift is that you hold on to something or someone that is draining you energetically. For me it was a combination of holding onto the pain of my brother’s suicide, and needing to keep my house.

I had good reasons for both and that was the problem. Each time I felt I needed to let go of them, I had good reasons to keep them. So, I was stuck, spinning my wheels so to speak, going further into an emotional, mental, physical and financial hole. Depression caused me to lose interest in my work and in life in general. My business, which had sustained me for so many years saw a 55% income drop over a 4 year period.

My body began to break down and I started to experience chronic pain, first in my lower back and then later to the left of my spine, right behind my heart.

Feeling numb and empty I turned to things outside myself to find some sense of joy. Though the things I chose helped, (I rescued a 3rd dog) they took more energy that I had to give. This only served to exacerbate the energy drain.

Recognizing and releasing what you are holding on to.

Last week when I wrote the weekly message, I was energetically empty, and my outer was a perfect mirror of that. I had not had any session requests or book sales for over a month and had just recently lost all 3 renters. With no rental income, I had no idea how I was going make my mortgage payment. Things looked pretty hopeless.

Getting up from my desk after sending out the weekly message, I asked my guides to help me get to the point where I could make a shift. I knew I needed something to change; I just didn’t know what was it was.

I didn’t have to wait long for an answer. Within less than an hour, it came to me—I needed to let go of the pain of my brother’s passing. I was done grieving it and I could now lay that burden down.

No sooner had I done that than things began to change. I felt a lightness like I had not felt since before his death. I took the dogs out, and actually laughed as they romped around. I found myself whistling as we walked; I hadn’t done that in years. When I returned, I rented one of the rooms to someone who has turned out to be a wonderful connection. That little bit of rent paid up the bills and I was able to make that mortgage payment.

Releasing all the pieces.

Though I saw really good movement I was not yet out of the woods. I still needed to rent 2 more rooms and find a job! I had been putting out resume’s but nothing was happening. Yesterday that changed. I decided to act on a thought I’d been getting for weeks, and sure enough it worked out. I have one more interview to go through but I feel really good about this new job. Funny that it is back in a field I had worked in during my 30s. Though the pay isn’t much in the beginning, it has good potential.

The only thing that had not changed yet was my physical pain. That changed last night during a talk with my roommate. I realized that I was holding on my house when I needed to let it go. Last night I formally released it. This morning I woke up with absolutely no pain.

In closing, taking a quantum shift doesn’t happen all at once because it involves releasing more than one thing we are holding on to. As we ask and our guides show us what needs to be released—and we do it–our overall situation improves.