Finding Your Sweet Spot

Hi All,

Another week of chaos on the global scene as the war between the forces of Light and Dark battle it out.  The good news is that we are rapidly moving towards the end of it all.  In one particular area (the financial area) we are about to see a quantum shift.  I’m talking about the global currency reset (aka the RV).

Many on the weekly call have heeded the call to invest in first basket currencies that will see a dramatic increase in value.  And as many of the intel providers encourage you to buy more or, “go for the contract rate,” there is a need to be really think about the impact that tremendous wealth will have on you and your family.

Tonight’s call will be about information that was received (from upstairs) about this very subject.  What is most important, one could even say critical, is that we don’t move from being debt slaves to someone else to being rich slaves to our own money.  The key is in finding  your sweet spot.

Talk with you tonight.

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