Feeling the Fear is Part of the Contract

As you all know, there are many and various ways to obtain and receive information from the other realms, worlds, spacecraft, dimensions, etc. There are books, tapes, channelings, TV programs, plays, movies and, now even the Internet.

While I personally crave the information, it is of primary importance to me to be able to live it and relate to it in our 3D world. Even sports can have realizations in their drama.

For you professional football fans, did you see the press conference with the Miami Dolphin’s coach Jimmy Johnson? Johnson’s mother died right before the end of the season. While he did take time to go to the funeral and was clearly deeply saddened by her passing, he toughed it out to the max and was there coaching on the sidelines that very week.

After the season Jimmy decided to resign, which shocked the entire football world. On the morning of the press conference to announce his decision, the Miami Dolphin’s owner and their quarterback both spoke to him and convinced him to stay, and instead of quitting, to hire an assistant so he would have more time for his family.

Time with his remaining parent (who has cancer) and his two grown sons, of whom he saw little when they were younger due to the extreme duties of being a headcoach, were two of his main reasons for resigning. Jimmy is also getting remarried and was clearly under pressure to spend more time with his future wife.

As I watched Jimmy struggle in his new role and back peddle in his agreements and commitments, I thought about how those of us who made agreements and commitments in other dimensions, other worlds, and then came here to earth school, now struggle with those agreements. Since this is a total “free will zone”, we have the choice to keep or not keep the agreements we made “over there.”

I have friends whom I have watched struggle with this issue. I struggled greatly myself. I have had many opportunities to do things that “made a lot of sense” in the 3D world systems. Friends even called and encouraged me to do some of these things. Inside me, though, it just didn’t quite fit. I say “quite” because, while it was true that taking some of these 3D steps would have solved the immediate 3D problems, the real motive behind taking the steps in questions would have been my old friend, FEAR.

Remembering that all the systems on this planet are fear-based systems, I had to really examine from what I would be expressing in taking a certain action in my life. When I really remained open and “hung out” with the decision for a few days, I would often find that the apparent joy associated with taking a certain step was really relief from the fear that was pushing me to do it!

An example of this was when we were almost 3 months behind in paying the rent and a friend, who really needed a sales manager, told me of his need. I felt some excitement about the job, but it was only after several days of reflection that I found my true motive was relieving the “pressure”, not the joy of fulfilling my spiritual contract.

Since my contract has much to do with setting templates in the earth’s consciousness grid, I’ve learned that living in great fear and trepidation is part of the assignment. The same goes for looking ridiculous to others including my spouse (or, at least, feeling like I do).

I felt friendly concern for Coach Johnson as he walked away from his press conference and headed home to explain his decisions to his fiancée . I feel concern for those who I know have contracts, but still choose to play the 3D game without integrating their fears and integrating their contract into 3D. I’m concerned that any of us who do so will be very saddened upon our return from where we came—a major big time missed opportunity. At any rate, good luck Jimmy and to all of us in realizing our truth.

Post Script—A Super Bowl Heartbreak

When Dan Reeves, head coach of the Super Bowl participating Atlanta Falcons had heart bypass surgery near the end of the season, recuperated and returned to lead his team into the playoffs and, eventually, the Super Bowl many of us cheered and our hearts went out to a man who had reached this lofty goal 3 times before with Denver, only to lose.

We watched the underdog Falcons go into the Viking’s deafening Metrodome in Minneapolis and, not only play with complete reckless abandon and come back from a large Viking lead, but go into overtime after loosing the coin toss and still beat the Vikings to progress to the Super Bowl—against all odds. Then everything changed. In the Super Bowl Coach Reeves went back to conservative play calling and stifled his team into a deficit from which they could not recover.

Let’s all remember to continue to “go for the gold”, not buying into the fear, and live out our contracts with reckless abandon.

In service

Jonathan (Jehowah) Starr

Written July 1999

Readers Comments

“Fear, fear oh my god have I got fear but I have to keep reminding myself that none of this is real. I saw the movie the 13th Floor this weekend and I just wanted to go take that road to the end of the computer game … Thanks I needed that reminder. I have been going through some major physical and emotional pain and my angels sent me the messenger. Let’s all remember to continue to “go for the gold”, not buying into the fear, and live out our contracts with reckless abandon.” Deb K.

“Having read your article, ‘Feeling the Fear is Part of the Contract’, I do accept this issue of free will but I think that there is a qualifier here in that sometimes we make a choice leading down a particular path and we can then reach a point where we do not have a choice but to continue down that path! This is how I understand my life to be, but I can honestly say that it is now getting better and better and I am beginning to feel some peace on earth. Thank you for your living example, and thank you for reading this e-mail – it’s nice to have someone to share these thoughts and feelings with. Yours, with love.” Emma Rainbow