Fear Not: You are Watching a Movie

Hi Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you that things would get rather ugly and then it will get better.  Once again we see the guidance from upstairs playing out before our eyes.  The fear mongering from the mainstream media about the virus is extremely high and is given as their justification for putting humanity back in lock down. Yet, for those in the know there is no fear because we know the war for planet Earth and the minds of humanity has already been won and what is happening (the dark serving the light once again), is being enacted in order to wake up those still fast asleep in the matrix.  There’s no reason to regain our freedom just to have it given away again a couple of generations from now.  For this reason we must allow these events to occur so the young people to whom we leave this precious planet will retain what  so many have fought and died achieve.  And they will remember because they lived through the pain to regain it.

We will be discussing the latest events on this week’s call.

Until tomorrow night,

Replay Link: https://fccdl.in/0hgstyAbOX