Family Patterns and Ascension

Today’s topic came from a visit to my mom’s house this weekend. Four of my 5 brothers got together with Mom to finish the final details of my father’s estate. Three of my brothers and I struggle with feelings of dread when taking this journey due to our youngest brother’s rather unpredictable behavior (I’m trying to be tactful here).

At 50 years old Kevin lives with my mom … again. Alcohol fuels his fear and pain from having been the one who bore the brunt of my mother’s rage at my dad. Essentially Kevin became my mother’s emotional support after I left home.

Being much younger and without the survivor mentality of his older siblings, he was left both emotionally and psychologically scarred and unable to function in the world due to overwhelming terror. The terror is only quelled by drugs and alcohol.

When family arrives Kevin puts the bottle away and tries to function as normally as possible, but as we have learned, anything can set him off. He doesn’t erupt immediately; instead he goes out back and begins drinking. Before long the pain of resurfaced and unresolved old hurts surface and uncontrollable rage ensues.

The outburst and verbal attack occurs without warning … we are all left in shock. Looking into his eyes, I see he is not there. Instead, a wounded Inner Child screaming for release from the terror and pain has taken charge. My heart breaks even as my brother screams. It breaks not only for him but for my other brothers who have no clue as to why.

Having the good fortune of knowing the Higher Perspective, I am aware that this is happening for a reason and so I try to guide my family through this situation and into healing. The results are mixed. Some of my brothers understand and healing occurs while others are left feeling victimized, vowing never to visit again as long and my little brother is there.

I’m writing this because I know I am not the only one with painful family patterns nd with the pressure and stress increasing, those patterns are erupting more often. Perhaps the reason is so those of us who have done emotional clearing can our wisdom to guide our families in clearing out the stuck emotions in our respective family emotional fields. In do so we act as 3D guides while assisting in their ascension.

Back to this past weekend, instead of seeing my brother’s behavior as totally negative, I see that he is a catalyst for change in our family. In other words, the more he acts out, the more opportunities my family has to see the higher perspective in his behavior and take steps to heal it, and in healing they heal themselves and step up in their consciousness all at the same time.

In closing, I’m grateful I was there this weekend to provide that higher perspective As you can see, the opportunities to clear and step up come not when things are going great, but when a family members expresses the pain that the others still suppress. Kevin is our family’s emotional gauge and I am grateful to him. Keep on expressing Kevin!

That’s it for today … have a great week!