Fake First Contact: Signs

I’m on the road today, flying back from Co. Springs, CO and the 2012, Nibiru, DNA and You workshop. It was a great success both for way shower training and doing the template/grid work that was needed. My thanks to Terri Ippoliti, Julie LeCroix, Lillian Valenta, and all the wonderful people in attendance.
For those unfamiliar with the Nibiruan’s work, we were strengthening a template created back in 2005 that would provide an alternate outcome in a Fake First Contact scenario. The Nibiruans believe this contact is imminent and so are taking steps accordingly. You can learn about this template and all the Nibiruans’ efforts in The Mission Remembered, Book Two.
Just a little more detail, the Fake First Contact scenario is connected to an ancient human home world in the Pleiadian system that was destroyed. The timeline of this world is now tied into ours and we are playing out the events, from the final days that world, now.
The signs are all around us that this event is imminent if we simply open our eyes to see them. First, there is the TV series “V”. The Nibiruans often stated when something that has been considered “out there” becomes mainstream and ends up on prime time, mainstream TV, that is a sign that the event it is signaling is near.
The second sign is the “leaking” of information and the successful revelation of information from ex-military and government officials of the evidence of ET contact. Watch to see how much of it becomes available through mainstream news sources. The more it is shared through these sources the closer the event is. There are other signs but these are the two main ones.
Okay, that’s it for today. I’ll start my 4 Galactic Wounds series next week. Once again, for those of you unaware or new to the Nibiruans’ work, the 4 destroyed human worlds whose timelines we are replaying between now and 2012.