Exiting the Matrix: The Script

In last week’s message we talked about using the Formula of Compassion (Formula) to clear money blocks.  Several good examples were given and you can listen to them on the recording. Once you learn how the Formula works, it becomes rather automatic.  But, until you get the hang of using the Formula, getting to the point where you actually dissolve an emotional block can be a bit challenging.  Today’s message is about the “key” to getting to that magical point where you dissolve the energy of the emotional block.

The Script, or rather understanding the script is that key. For those of you who are new to the Keys of Compassion, of which the Formula if the first, the Script is explained in the second key, Contracts and Promises.  The Script can be likened to a script in a play.  We, as creator gods/goddesses, write scripts as part of our plan for an upcoming incarnation.  I call them our Life Blueprints.  Lets talk about those for moment.

Life Blueprints

As souls in the Interlife (life between lifetimes) we spend a great deal of time working on our plan or blueprint, for our next incarnation.  Contained in our blueprint will be all the lessons we want to learn. Our lessons are about the beliefs we have picked up during our various incarnation, some of which are a bit skewed or dysfunctional.  The lessons we set up are how we intend to rectify those beliefs, either by evolving them or totally discarding them.

Since we are unable to see our beliefs (we can’t turn our eyeballs inward to see inside our brain) we need others to help us.  The way they help is to act out those beliefs.  Acting them out includes expressing the emotions that the dysfunction belief triggers.

In order to ensure that we get the most accurate portrayal of the belief, we use scripts.  We write out exactly how we want our soul friend to act out the belief.  After reviewing the script, if our soul friend is okay with it, an agreement is made.

The big challenge comes when we enter into the new lifetime and encounter the person/persons/situation. Initially we feel victimized (very uncomfortable).  And the painful part of it all is that both parties will suffer until the weight of judgment, guilt, powerlessness and blame until the one who wrote the script remembers that they did so.  But, once they do, and they recognize the belief that is being acted out, they release their soul friend from blame.  (Yay!)  It is at that very moment that the block is dissolved.  I have to tell you, it is the most amazing feeling in the world.

I could go on but I think I’ll save the rest for tomorrow night’s call.


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2 thoughts on “Exiting the Matrix: The Script

  • October 4, 2017 at 7:19 am

    Star Goddess, this is beautiful. Thank you.

    “All that remains is One, and God Is. (Gary Renard)

  • October 3, 2017 at 9:17 am

    Your call was sonderful full of insights and inspiration. Thank you for your time and efforts. I wrote this poem that your call inspired and wanted to share it with you. Have a blessed day. Star Goddess
    Inside the mind of God
    there are no judgments.
    No saint and sinner.
    No perpetrator and victim.

    To know we constructed
    this reality in order to grow, learn
    and live with open hearts.

    Inside the mind of God
    there is only love,
    and encouragement
    for us to awake
    and take responsibility
    to free the soul.

    To know we are co-creators.
    here to hold space
    of neutrality so others will shift.

    Inside the mind of God
    we are whole
    free of judgments
    meant to live with
    prosperity and joy.

    To awaken and know
    that love and compassion
    is the only answer
    and road we must walk.

    Inside the mind of God
    as we walk, eat, breath, and evolve
    we are the children of the future
    destined for greatness
    Because we are already great.

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