ET Disclosure, Part 2

Lots of feedback on last week’s call and discussion regarding ET disclosure.  From what I received, many were concerned about the call’s tone, as well as, the conclusions that were drawn.  My response?  I hear ya.

Last week’s call was not meant to be anything other than what it was.  It wasn’t meant to be like, “Hey ya’ll, the government has been working with ETs for decades and its all good!  They can’t wait for us to join the galactic community!”  No, that was not the intent.  So what was the intent?  TO WAKE US UP TO WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON!

Yes, you that right.  Its time that we “awakened” ones learn whats occurred, how our governments have responded and why.  And unfortunately, it’s not all pretty. But as the Nibiruans have been saying for many years, at the end of the Game, all that has been hidden must be revealed.  It must be revealed so that it can be integrated and we cannot integrate something that we don’t know about.  Hmm…. gives a whole new level of meaning to what many off-world groups have been saying all along, “We are the hope of the universe.  Our divine destiny is to be universal peacekeepers.”

Think about it, why would the universe need peacekeepers if everyone was at peace?  Fortunatey we are blessed to have someone (a career military man) who has the courage to speak up and in his direct, forthright manner tell us why.

So the proverbial bandaid has been ripped off for those in the awakened community.  The Nibiruans, along with a few other groups, wanted to see how we would react.  Understand dear star brothers and sisters, they know that how we respond (of course, they hope that we respond with less fear) foretells how the public will respond to some degree.  It also tells gives them a good idea of how much time they need to take to reveal everything.  I’ll be sharing those results on this coming week’s call.

Additionally, I realize from some of the response that many were left feeling hopeless, as though there is nothing that can be done.  As always, the Nibiruans make sure that anything shared of a less than positive nature, is followed by an empowering, compassionate solution.  I’ll be discussing that solution on this week’s call as well.

Until Monday…


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