ET Disclosure: Are We Ready?

Its funny how things come to us at just the right time.  And sometimes they come more than once, but with the purpose of seeding confirmations.  Such was the case with the body of material from a man named Mark Richards.  I believe it was in 2013 that his wife, Jo Ann Richards, began sharing the information that her husband had given her.  Now this wasn’t your run of the mill ET stuff, it was far beyond that.  Navy Captain Mark Richards was intimately involved in what is known as the Secret Space Program, even having piloted and captained, many vessels (a real life Captain Kirk).

As I wrote in last week’s message, ET disclosure is on the menu for the next 90 days, and will be instrumental in the awakening of the 4th Wave.  But the questions again are, what info should be revealed (there are many aspects), how much, and in what manner should it be relayed?

Based on what I was shown regarding disclosure on the 1st and 2nd Earth Grand Experiments, we didn’t get that equation right.  Consequently, those planets were destroyed.  But, as they say, the 3rd time is a charm.  We’ll see.

The goal of this Monday’s Compassion Creator call will be an open discussion of this topic, addressing the questions posed above.

Before we meet I ask all of you to take the time to listen to Jo Ann’s talk regarding the information she shared.  It will help prepare you to discuss the questions that will be raised.

Jo Ann Richards Presentation

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot also interviewed Mark several times over a 4 year period.  I’ve included the link to the page on her sit where you can see all 7 interviews along with transcripts.
Kerry Cassidy Interviews

It is my understanding that several off-world groups will be “listening in.”  They want to know what we think about our preparedness to face the biggest decision that any young species will face.  I hope  you’ll join us.

Until tomorrow night,


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