Elenin and the Economy

Was talking with my friend yesterday. We both agreed that we feel very excited about the future. Some would say we are a bit crazy considering the fact that a brown dwarf star is headed our way threatening major earth changes, the US economy is teetering on the brink of disaster with politicians bickering over who’s plan will be used to keep it from going into default. The reason for our excitement is that we realize that this is the time we have been waiting for … the time for which we awakened, performed our missions and did our emotional clearing … and now it’s here. I’ll explain.

We have two major things occurring right now. First, we have an inbound brown dwarf star. Secondly, it’s budget balancing time here is the US. Because the US dollar is the reserve currency for the world, what happens here has a global impact. In other words, if the US defaults it will send the global economy into a major economic chaos.

As you and I both know, when money is flowing we are in a good space emotionally. But, when it is not our emotions are in turmoil. Thanks to quantum science we also know that we create our reality through our emotions. Example – we feel fear, we draw people, situations and events that cause us to feel more fear.

The US must pass its new budget by this coming Tuesday. Depending on how it plays out … whether or not we increase our debt ceiling, enact stringent program cuts … or not, will determine how the population responds. If the choices made engender mass panic and fear, that will cause that those emotions to spread around the world, since the world goes as the US goes.

Now factor in the second thing … Comet Elenin or rather Brown Dwarf Elenin. As I explained in last week’s message, comets, planets, dwarf stars and all other bodies in space do not move at set speeds. And, as we have now come to understand, we can impact material objects with our emotions (Law of Attraction). Do you see where I’m going with this?

How we globally respond to the economic changes will determine the collective emotion we project. And what we project will cause Elenin to either move closer or further away. That is pretty amazing, don’t you think? We have the power to control a brown dwarf star!

I created a page on my website to share the info I have on Elenin. Not only is there information, there are also photos it Elenin and Nibiru that were taken on July 16th by my friend Jennifer. We went out to take them after being alerted to the fact that we can see Elenin and Nibiru by the gentlemen whose YouTube channel I shared in last week’s message. He has videos showing the same thing!

Tim’s channel: www.youtube.com/blueskyg1

Elenin/Northwind page: The Galactic Federation of Worlds

As I stated in a previous message, should we play our emotional cards right, Elenin could be only member of Nibiru’s solar system to effect us. We may avoid a close encounter with Nibiru herself. Now is the time that we will make this choice.

Keep in mind that one person can drop the height of a tidal wave by 50 feet just by clearing out the anger of a past event. So, your efforts will count!

Now you know why I am excited about the future. The power to safeguard our planet is in our hands … this is not some pie in the sky fantasy. Let’s stop fretting and instead consciously shift our feelings to that which we want to see.

That’s it for today. Have a safe and productive week.