Dreams and Nibiru

There appears to be an increase in catastrophe related dreams lately. In just the last 2 days I have heard from a number of people about this. Dreams about the earth spinning out of control, and a desolated landscape after a global catastrophic event are common. For light workers this can be disheartening, pointing to the possibility that all our hard work has had little or no effect. I beg to differ and here is why.

Earth has a long history of destructive encounters with passing celestial bodies. Sometimes they pass with little effect while, at other times, they are cataclysmic. The memories of those events are held with our mass consciousness and embedded in our DNA, and just like any painful event, can be triggered.

We are now living through another passing of Nibiru and her solar system (yes Nibiru is a mini solar system). Though this passing has not been as damaging, (no pole shift) the earth quakes and weather related events are tough to take. When those events begin occurring one right after the next, affecting large numbers of people, the stress and fear they generate can trigger collective ancient memories.

Going further, these memories don’t necessarily surface consciously; they surface in the dream state. If this be true then does it not make sense that rather than our dreams foretelling the future, they are reminding us of the past?

Each of us has the power to minimize the damage!

Say that our dreams are about the past. How can we ensure that we don’t manifest those cataclysmic events in the present? Again, the answer is all of us doing our work. Doing the work includes above all, emotional clearing. As has been explained many times, when we do our emotional house cleaning, the planet does not have to do it for us. As souls and creator god/goddesses, we only draw to us what we need for our own growth. That means that each time we shift a dysfunctional core belief, clearing and releasing its associated fear, we no longer require draw/create events that would trigger that kind of fear. From a soul evolution standpoint, that would be really inefficient.

We light workers have done so much work on ourselves in the last 30+ years. Collectively that work has impacted the mass consciousness and altered our collective timeline. It is my firm belief that that is why we have not seen the prophesied earth change events. For example, California is still intact along with Japan, New Zealand and others that were supposed to be under water by now. The USA is still intact and not two large islands separated by an inland sea due to the New Madrid fault giving way. So we have been successful.

Nibiru’s Ring Nodes and the Polar Vortex

Right now we are experiencing the magnetic tug from Nibiru’s weaker ring nodes (all planets orbit on ring nodes around their sun. Ring nodes are like hula hoops) These ring nodes are what is behind the destabilization of the polar vortex. The ring nodes are magnetic and when they come in contact with our planet’s iron core, they lock and and tug on it. This tugging can destabilize the vortexes at the poles causing bitter cold air to escape. As the cold air escapes it moves south, creating the winter storms and other strange weather patterns.

Furthermore, the polar vortex impacts the Gulf Stream. So doesn’t make sense that if the vortex is destabilized it will cause a shift in the Jet Stream?

It’s almost over. Whew!

It is my understanding that the worst will be over by late summer. The back portion of Nibiru’s solar system will have passed and be moving back into deep space.

A little help from our friends.

The seemingly unending stress of the weather-related events is taking its toll on many of us. No sooner do we regain our balance then we get hit again. It’s a crazy-making emotional roller coaster. When we are repeatedly unbalanced by outside factors, it is hard to focus on our clearing … not to mention anything else.

The stress seems to be reaching a crisis point, (hence the catastrophe dreams), and this is not good. We need a way to quickly regain our balance, our sanity. I, along with other teachers, have received the message that we need to step up and help. My way of doing this will be to offer 15 minute mini counseling sessions–for free! Yep, you read that right.

We will tune to and speak with your guides. The goal is to obtain whatever info you need to help you regain your balance, your sanity, and move forward. Sound good?

Details will be forthcoming in a special message.

In closing, though we are moving through the worst part of Nibiru’s current passage, if we stick together and help each other, we will come through. Moreover we can reduce the severity through our continued emotional clearing. So, let’s continue our clearing. It is the most powerful tool that we have.